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  • man holding an eagle color and landscape photography in Mongolia
  • who announced to me in broken English that I was the first foreigner to cross the border this year, I entered Afghanistan and was met by Adab Shah, my guide for the next three and a half weeks. © Frédéric Lagrange
  • black and white portrait photography in Mongolia
  • b&w and landscape photography in Mongolia


Frédéric Lagrange has always had a strong innate curiosity about his surroundings wherever he is in the world. Early on his main focus was on travel photography, but since then he has broadened his scope of work to include fashion and portraiture.

Frédéric’s interest in photography was at first an excuse to travel but soon grew into an obsessive passion.
Since he first picked up a camera fifteen years ago he has been documenting the world in over 100 countries. Although he is best known for his images of South, South East, and Central Asia, he is also recognized worldwide for his travel and portraiture work.

Frédéric’s work process is mainly focused on capturing people in their natural environment, picking up through his lens as many subtle nuances as he can.

Over the years Frédéric has been the recipient of many photography awards and he is one of the 30 photographers sponsored by Kodak worldwide.

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