Ken Hermann Copenhagen | DK

  • Kulwinder and blooming orange Gainda Flowers © Ken Hermann
  • Gorre - Abore Tribe © Ken Hermann
  • Ken Hermann
    Odhir Gayen with Devdar Leaves © Ken Hermann
  • Marylin Monroe - April Q Russell © Ken Hermann
  • Goaja - Mursi Tribe © Ken Hermann
  • Ramananda Baba © Ken Hermann
  • Mad Hatter - Jason © Ken Hermann
  • Popeye - Ramses Zavola © Ken Hermann
  • Angad Ray with Devdar Leaves © Ken Hermann
  • Darth Vader - Joe © Ken Hermann
  • Shankar Shah poses with roses. © Ken Hermann
  • Sri Baba Hanuman Das © Ken Hermann


“Ken Hermann’s images are pathways, connecting us to micro worlds and challenging us to rethink ideas of photographic representation. Ken doesn’t worry about trends, staying true to his point of view as an image-maker. It’s exciting to see a young photographer with such a strong singular vision and approach.

Passionate about individuals and their unique histories, he explores the fragile balance between people and their environment, between tradition and modernity. Ken’s photography seamlessly weaves cultural and political content, blending documentary and cinematic portraiture. His application of lighting, combining artificial with natural, takes the images into a surreal space, creating dreamlike visions of everyday people.”

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