Pierre Belhassen Marseille | FR


Pierre Belhassen defines himself as a photographer-author. The street but more broadly the outside world is an open playground where he finds a means of expression. His photography does not document reality but simply seeks to gaze at others relying on his own instinct in an immediate proximity with the world surrounding him.  

Pierre likes to observe and to explore, to lose the track of time. His aim is to work on long-term project with analog camera and tell his stories through photo-books, exhibitions and others mediums. He considers that it’s extraordinary to have the possibility to overcome the limits imposed by a long apprenticeship to express one’s creativity.  

Pierre’s work has been published by M magazine for Leica photography, the photojournalistic review Epic Stories, LFI magazine among others. His work has been showed during Voies Off Arles 2016 and FotoIstanbul 2015 festival.

Pierre Belhassen is a member of “Agence Le Journal”.

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