Alex Almeida

Alex Almeida São Paulo | BZ


Alex Almeida is a Brazilian photographer whose compelling documentary practice investigates themes of development, environment, culture, and ethnicity, both in his home country and beyond.

Born in Santos, a coastal city on the outskirts of São Paulo, he began photographing whilst completing his undergraduate studies, driven by a burning curiosity and a desire to discover the stories unfolding in the world around him. 

He has visited some of Brazil’s most marginalized communities, from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to the peripheral towns and cities of the north, discovering a diverse mosaic of cultures and traditions, hidden from the gaze of the mass media.

His deeply arresting images are characterized by a remarkable perceptiveness, artistry, and humanism, and poetically impart the stories of those whose traditions and experiences have so often been excluded from mainstream discourse.

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