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Competition Winners

© Khanh Bui

This winners collection celebrates the work of all award winning photographers capturing life in its most vivid forms. These unique and international artists constitute the best of the photographic scene and we are very proud to share their work.

Theme: OPEN CALL December 2020

  • Candid portrait of a woman smoking in the streets of Holborn, London, UK 2020

    Winning Photographer Francesco Gioia

    Winning Photographer Francesco Gioia

    “Cloud of Smoke” - Holborn, London, UK 2020
    © Francesco Gioia
  • black and white photograph by Alain Schroeder shot In the village of Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan where more than 170 horses and men are playing Kok Boru.

    Second Prize Alain Schroeder

    Second Prize Alain Schroeder

    "Kok Boru - the Dead Goat Polo”- Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan⁠
    In the village of Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan, more than 170 horses (on this picture) and men wearing the classic Soviet tank hat or the Kyrgyz tebetei hat, push and shove each other with dexterity ad endurance in fearless combat as they fight for possession of a headless goat carcass.

    Trying to outrun your opponents with a headless goat wedged between your leg and your horse might not be your idea of a fun game but in Kyrgyzstan, Kok Boru is the national sport. The origins of this legendary game lie somewhere between nomads hunting or defending their livestock against predatory wolves, to men and horses honing their fighting skills. “Dead Goat Polo”, as some refer to, looks more like cavalier rugby. Generally divided into two teams of four (and hundreds or more in a freestyle variant called Alaman-Ulak), fearless men on horseback race from one end of the field to the other chasing the rider with possession trying to prevent him from scoring a point by heaving the 20-kilo body into the tai kazan (goal) at either end. Only stallions are used in this game because they are naturally anti-social and eager to fight off rivals. The players train their horses to muscle out other horses while they themselves wrestle each other to snatch the goat and gallop toward the goal, slamming into the rubber tires that encircle the meter-high mound.

    Most villages throughout the country have a playing field, some have official stadiums. Professional teams play tournaments which culminate in the national championships that take place during the festivities surrounding Nowruz on March 21st when the Kyrgyz nation celebrates the beginning of spring. The game is also showcased during Independence Day celebrations on August 31st. This year (2020), the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has halted large public gatherings but unofficial games continue to be organized in many villages. Players share the price of the goat or wealthier citizens sponsor games with prizes to celebrate life events, inspire good fortune or simply for fun, and the winning team always takes home the goat for a post-game feast. © Alain Schroeder
  • Color photograph of Young Tibetan monks playing football in Phugtal Monastery, Northern India

    Third Prize Tommaso Vecchi

    Third Prize Tommaso Vecchi

    “Stop the time” - Phugtal Monastery, Northern India
    Phugtal Monastery or Phugtal Gompa is a Buddhist monastery located in the remote Lungnak Valley in south-eastern Zanskar, in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, in Northern India. It is one of the only Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh that can still be reached only by foot. © Tommaso Vecchi
  • color portrait photograph of a young Sudanese girl by photographer Ebti Nabag

    Finalist Ebti Nabag

    Finalist Ebti Nabag

    “Girl in Red Dress 4” - Uganda
    Nawal, 8 at the time; is a south Sudanese girl living in Uganda with her family. She is the eldest of 3 children and takes on the responsibility of looking after her sister especially when outside. © Ebti Nabag
  • Documentary color photograph by Johan Gerrits of women carrying firewood in India

    Finalist Johan Gerrits

    Finalist Johan Gerrits

    “Women with firewood” - Thar Desert, Gujarat, India
    Women with firewood crossing the Great Rann of Kutch part of the Thar Desert in Gujarat, India
    © Johan Gerrits
  • Black and white portrait photograph of a young boy by Felice Douglas

    Finalist Felice Douglas

    Finalist Felice Douglas

    “Dry Tears”- USA
    © Felice Douglas
  • Color documentary photograph by Javier Vergara of Chilian protestors in Santiago, Chile, on November 11th, 2020

    Finalist Javier Vergara

    Finalist Javier Vergara

    “Chile Resists” - Santiago, Chile 2020
    Demonstrators protect themselves with a shield from water cannon used by the Special Police Forces during protests in Chile. November 11th, 2020, Santiago, Chile
    © Javier Vergara
  • Finalist Neeraj Sharma

    Finalist Neeraj Sharma

    “Mothergoddess River of Aspiration 02” © Neeraj Sharma
  • black and white film photograph of Edinburgh University, Scotland, 1961 by Robert Blomfield

    Finalist Robert Blomfield

    Finalist Robert Blomfield

    “Student Union” - Edinburgh University, Scotland, 1961
    Coffee morning at the Student Union, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh, 1961
    © Robert Blomfield
  • wedding color photograph of a woman in Bulgaria by photographer Selene Magnolia

    Finalist Selene Magnolia

    Finalist Selene Magnolia

    “Zor 1” - Stolipinovo, Bulgaria 2020
    After an engagement party on the day before, a young bride to be is being prepared for her wedding. Weddings and life event celebrations take place on the streets of the ghetto, and are shared within the community. © Selene Magnolia


Jury's Feedback

  • Profil photo of Carol Körting by photographer Rick Burger

    Judged by: Carol Körting

    Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Carol Körting worked as a freelance photographer before studying photo editing at the Ostkreuz Schule für Fotografie in Berlin, Germany. She has been the photo editor of the renowned Leica Fotografie International Magazine (LFI) and its online platform since 2011, producing and editing countless photographic projects.

    A professional portfolio reviewer, Körting has been part of jury teams at several photography festivals and photography competitions. She has collaborated as a photo editor at Der Freitag and Zeit-Magazin, given talks and presentations about self-promotion tools at the VII Masterclass in Berlin and in Bilbao at the Basquedokfestival.

Enrique Lopez-Tapia
© Enrique Lopez-Tapia

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THEME: VISUAL STORYTELLING Deadline: 31 January 2021

"Photography is by nature a documentary art." - August Sander

The art of visual storytelling encompasses a wide range of possibilities with at its heart, the will to tell a story.

From classic social documentary to imaginative storytelling: this month we are seeking visual artists aiming to captivate and share their stories with conviction.

Portrait, street, documentary, landscape: All approaches are valid. Enter now and show us YOUR stories!

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