Competition Winners

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This collection celebrates the work of all winning photographers capturing life in its most vivid forms. These unique and international artists constitute the best of the photographic scene and we are very proud to share their work.

Theme: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY February 2018

  • Winning Photographer Camilla Ferrari

  • Second Prize Mohammad Mohsenifar

  • Honorary Mention Omri Shomer

  • Finalist Jorge Delgado-Ureña

  • Finalist Simona Bonanno

  • Finalist Thanasorn Janekankit

  • Finalist İlker Karaman

  • Finalist Enrico De-Conto

  • Finalist Giancarlo Zuccarone

  • Finalist Mills Jaruluxkana

Congratulations to photographer Camilla Ferrari who’s image won the competition!

– Theme: Street Photography / Competition Judge: REZA

The Street Photography Award is dedicated to bringing exposure and discovering the best upcoming photographers from all ages, background and working in all photographic fields.

Whether the subject was your own urban environment or as you explored other territories and cultures: We were looking for those spontaneous and fleeting moments and it is our great pleasure to present the work of 10 incredibly talented artists!

Join us over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we’ll be sharing all our favorite images from the competition. Congratulations to all the talented photographers who made it to the final!


First Prize: Camilla Ferrari

“Great composition using both the surrounding and the light to guide our eyes towards the subject’s face and engage us immediately. Like a spiral connecting our eyes with hers. Then we feel we are in a surrealist world and she is questioning us and telling us her own story, all in a simple look. Through the great contrast with the natural background and her white hair, she becomes the most important question mark of the photograph.” – REZA

Second Prize: Mohammad Mohsenifar

“The first thing that attracts us here is the contrast. It naturally keeps our eyes wondering from the women’s faces well framed by the wall’s window painting – towards the figures int the left part of the frame. We can also feel the determination and complicity on the women’s faces. The harmony of the colors and light creates two different feelings and layers: relaxation on one hand, provocation on the other.” – REZA

Honorary Mention: Omri Shomer

“Following the visual approach of contemporary photographers such as Alex Webb and Harry Gruyaert, here we have an image showing a subtle and special attention towards all the elements building the photographic composition. The people, naturally; The decor and lighting just as much. Bringing to mind the very words of Harry Gruyaert: “There is no story. It’s just a question of shapes and light,” summarised in a brilliant moment of street life.”
– The Independent Photographer Editors

© Maciek Jasik

Open to All Photography

Be part of a vibrant community: The competition award is a unique opportunity to gain exposure and provides a platform to celebrate the very best of contemporary photography.

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THEME: COLOR Deadline: 31 March 2018

In the middle of the 20th century our lives forever changed with the advent of living color in photography:
Cool or warm, soft or vivid, how can subtle shades of colors affect mood and our perception of a scene?

This month, we invite all photographers driven by their artistic eye and passion for color to join the award and celebrate with us the beauty and diversity of color photography.

Whether in portrait, landscape, fashion, street or any other form of photography - classic or experimental: We’re open to all genres and want to see YOUR colors!

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