Competition Winners

© Sanja Marusic

This collection celebrates the work of all winning photographers capturing life in its most vivid forms. These unique and international artists constitute the best of the photographic scene and we are very proud to share their work.

BLACK & WHITE April 2017

Winning Photographer Gabriele Casini

Congratulations to photographer Gabriele Casini and his image "Descent from the cross".

- Francesco Merlini, Competition Judge:

"Monochrome enables the photographer to look for stronger elements of abstraction and symbolism but the choice to use black & white over color has not to become a decorative expedient.

In this photograph I see a strong content related to spot news, that acquires even more power and deeper levels of reading through the use of black and white. The photographer has been able to transform a single action into something that not only reaches a more collective meaning but also produces an impression that can grasp the intimacy of the viewer. For me this photograph brings the tension and the energy of the “Le Radeau de la Méduse” painting into the narration of a modern tragedy.”

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“I’ve been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black.” – Henri Matisse

“Just like certain images look more distinctive in monochrome, not every image will work in Black and White. It is the very first and fundamental decision that the photographer makes in the process of creation. Black and white photography offers a particular sense of abstraction and a unique relation to a scene; A certain balance is established between the photographer’s intention and the outside world. From content to form, and regardless of genres, all the photographs above bear the subtle nuances and strength of monochromatic expressions. Congratulations to all photographers. Stunning work!”The Independent Photographer Editors

– The Theme: Black & White Photography

From the earliest days of photography to the modern digital era: Black & White photography has changed the way we see the world. Regardless of genres, the Black & White legacy left by the great Masters of photography still inspires and encourages both amateur and professional photographers to work in Black & White. This award aimed to discover the finest Black & White photographers of today.

– The Judge: Francesco Merlini

Francesco Merlini is an Italian photographer and photo editor at the international photographic agency Prospekt. Working primarily in Black & White, Francesco explores reality and uses it as a mirror to reflect on himself and to create unique visual languages.

After covering Italian news with publications in magazines such as Internazionale, Rolling Stone, Le Monde or Wired, Francesco Merlini now works mainly on personal long-term projects, corporate-work and editorials. His project ‘Farang’ has been recently exhibited in Paris and his photography has been featured on TIME Lightbox among the new most interesting contemporary Black & White photographers.

© Mattia Passarini

Open to All Photography

Be part of a vibrant community: The competition award is a unique opportunity to gain exposure and provides a platform to celebrate the very best of contemporary photography.

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Deadline: 31 May 2017 THEME: PORTRAIT

© Lissa Rivera

Self portraits, commonly known as 'Selfies' are undoubtedly the most popular form of portrait photography today - It is our mean to say: “I was here”.

However, Portrait photography has one of the oldest and most interesting history that resonates to the early days of the medium. Portrait of iconic figures or portrait of ordinary people, we’re all deeply interested in each other.

As master portraitist Richard Avedon said: “The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion.”

This award aims to discover the most powerful and captivating images of today's portrait photography. We are open to all interpretation and want to see Portraits that gaze into the soul!

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