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The Independent Photographer is a global network dedicated to sharing and bringing exposure to the work of photographers.
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© Luca Tombolini

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The Independent Photographer offers a set of monthly photography Competition awards.
Every month, we invite you to join the current theme and submit your best images.
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© Luis Fabini

THEME: DOCUMENTARY Deadline: 30 June 2018

Documentary photography is much more than the chronicle of events and environments.

It offers us the possibility to develop and share our ideas through telling the stories of others.

Capturing the essence of a situation, be it through professional photojournalism on social issues, or through artistic interpretation, allows us to engage and communicate our vision.

This month we are looking for visual artists aiming to captivate; unique voices willing to share their stories with conviction and awareness.

All approaches are valid: Enter today and get discovered!

Theme: PORTRAIT May 2018

Winning Photographer Olga Urbanek

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