Inge Van Heerde

Inge Van Heerde Utrecht | ND


Inge van Heerde continuously strives to create images which confront the viewer with situations that border Normality. Her images convey an ominous vibe. Expect the unexpected.

She wonders about what’s normal, she wonders about what’s abnormal. In her work, van Heerde searches for that interaction between Normality and Abnormality.

“I’m inspired by people around me, all looking at things in different ways. Though we’re looking at the same thing, we all see and form our own truths. I think it’s interesting how we look at the world and the things surrounding us.”

“I’m inspired and triggered by madness and “insanity”. I always ask myself: is this actually crazy, is this truly insane? Who determines? Maybe the ones who are labeled as being crazy or social outcasts, are in reality the geniuses of this world.”

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