Sanja Marusic

Sanja Marusic Amsterdam | ND


Dutch-Croatian photographer Sanja Marušić uses an experimental approach to colour, composition, materials, and manipulations in her work to create dreamlike scenes that are at once cinematic and alienating.

She travels the world in her production of these otherworldly images, finding settings and forms that play with our relation to the subconscious, simplifying the bodies of her subjects with geometric shapes, and abstracting the human form even further by incorporating stylised dance movements.

Putting places above people, many of Sanja’s photographs are set in wide open futuristic spaces in an attempt to create surreal and alienating visual emotions. She often uses cool and bright colours as well as singular objects and accessories in order to create unique and enigmatic narratives.

Sanja Marusic received the honorable award from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, in 2013, and was nominated in three categories for the Photo Academy Award 2013. In 2009 she received the 1st prize for fashion photography from Elle Magazine, and in 2010 the 2nd prize in fashion photography from Hollands Diep, a public intellectual magazine.

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