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“A picture is the expression of an impression.
If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?” – Ernst Haas




The Independent Photographer started with a simple idea: to celebrate photography and support emerging artists. Launched in 2016, we are today an international network of photographers and photography enthusiasts reached by more than one million visitors each year.

Through our monthly competition, we are committed to helping emerging artists kickstart their professional careers and present their work to a jury comprised of acclaimed artists and top editors such as Steve McCurry, Maggie Steber, Jacob Aue Sobol, Alessia Glaviano, and Ed Kashi. As of today, we have awarded over $120,000 in cash prizes, printed, published and exhibited more than 400 photographers, online and throughout our annual international exhibitions.

Publishing in-depth editorials, book reviews, and stories, The Independent Photographer’s online magazine and stories are some of the best comprehensive resources on contemporary photography. It offers photographers the opportunity to share their work with an ever-growing international audience, learn and discover all there is to know about photography, from the work of the great masters to the latest trends and publications.

From emerging to established: we also share and connect the work of all photographers through our Instagram and Facebook pages, bringing exposure and visibility to the work we love.




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. Isabel O’Toole                – Editor & Contributor

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