Khanh Bui
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“A picture is the expression of an impression.
If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?” – Ernst Haas




The Independent Photographer started with a simple idea: to celebrate photography in all its myriad forms. Launched in 2016, today we are a network of photographers and photography enthusiasts from across the globe, reaching an audience of more than two million people every year.

Featuring a jury comprised of acclaimed artists and editors from such prestigious institutions as Magnum PhotosTime, Vogue, The Guardian, and National Geographic, our monthly photo competitions provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent, creativity, and skill.

As of today, we have awarded over $175,000 in cash prizes; published over 750 images in our annual photobooks, and exhibited the work of more than 500 photographers through our international exhibitions in London, Berlin, Milan, and Barcelona.

Publishing in-depth editorials, book reviews, news, stories, and more, our online magazine is one of the world’s most comprehensive resources on contemporary photography. It provides a space for visual artists from across the globe to share their work with an ever-growing international audience, who in turn, have the chance to discover new photography and develop their knowledge of the medium: from its earliest iterations to the latest trends.

Our ever-growing Facebook and Instagram pages (dedicated to our monthly competition and magazine) boast a vibrant community of over 670k passionate members and serve as the perfect platforms to showcase emerging and established artists, bringing visibility to the work that we love.




. Richard Arthur Sfez     – General Manager

. Antoine Jonquiere       – Director of Photography

. Kyla Woods                    – Communication Manager

. Josh Bright                     – Senior Editor & Content Creator

. Laurence Cornet           – Contributor

. Isabel O’Toole                – Editor & Contributor

. Cooper Nash Blade      – Editor & Contributor

. Magnus Aspelin           – Creative Consultant

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