• black and white portrait photograph of Hannes Becker
    © Hannes Becker

    Judge: Hannes Becker

    Hannes Becker is a German-based photographer who captures extraordinary landscape images that eloquently impart the magnificent beauty of the natural world.

    Becker first began photographing in 2013 after downloading Instagram, which he used to share his love of the outdoors. He quickly garnered recognition for his striking images, and today is one of the world’s most-followed travel photographers. Technically excellent, and deeply perceptive, Becker’s approach is uncompromisingly honest, contemplative, and considered. However, in spite of this, he always finds space for intuition, accommodating his own emotions and sensibilities within his creations, which invariably convey his profound affection for the subject.

    – Competition Judge:

    2021 Landscape Award

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    Interview: Hannes Becker

Melissa Cormican
© Melissa Cormican

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color film photo of women in colourful bathing suits by Vikram Kushwah
© Vikram Kushwah
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