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Interview Hannes Becker

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 “I think you need to find the story you’d like to tell. Images have the power to really speak to a person in a way words will never be able to…” – Hannes Becker

─── by Josh Bright, November 1, 2022
  • Judge of The Independent Photographer’s 2022 Landscape Photography Award, Hannes Becker, is a German-based photographer, whose extraordinary landscape images eloquently impart the magnificent beauty of the natural world.

    Landscape color photo by Hannes Becker, Oregon coast line, USA
    Oregon coast line, USA

    Becker first began photographing in 2013 after downloading Instagram, which he used to share his love of the outdoors
     to what was back then, by his own admission, a modest group of followers.

    “Slowly but surely, I practiced my new hobby by taking hundreds and thousands of images, developed my own style, and eventually turned this hobby into a very fulfilling job.”

    Landscape photo by Hannes Becker, coastal village Lofoten Norway
    First light of the day falling on a small village in Lofoten, Norway.
    Hannes Becker landscape photo. A winding road in the Faroe Islands.
    A winding road in the Faroe Islands.
    Hannes Becker landscape photo. sailboat.
    Scoresbysund, Ostgronland, Greenland.

    nspired by contemporaries, such as American visual artist Chris Burkhard (Judge of The Independent Photographer’s 2019 Landscape Award), whom he asserts, “has mastered combining outdoor photography with commercial, landscape, and travel, filmmaker, Jeremy Snell and photographer, Sebastian J. Zanella, whose dreamy, cinematic visuals he proclaims, “stick to your mind like glue and tell stories without words”, along with a group of close friends, whom he affectionately calls, ‘The German Roamers’ due to their love of travel and adventure: Becker has spent the better part of the last decade traversing the globe, using his lens to chart and share his stirring experiences.

    Landscape photo by Hannes Becker, glaciers, Svalbard, Norway.
    Svalbard, Norway.
    Landscape photo by Hannes Becker, glaciers, mountains, ship, fjord, Svalbard, Norway.
    Svalbard, Norway.
    Landscape photo by Hannes Becker, glaciers, fjord, iceberg.
    Scoresbysund, Ostgronland, Greenland.

    His practice is rooted in a deep appreciation of the natural world, one he has harbored since childhood, and which he accredits, at least in part, to his
    rural upbringing.

    “Being from a small village, nature has always been around me and shaped my life in a great manner.”

    Hannes Becker landscape photo. Coastal waterfall, Gasadalur, Faroe Islands.
    Gasadalur, Faroe Islands.

    Asperous coastal cliffs, shaped by the incessant beating of ocean waves; vast indigo-hued fjords, their surfaces punctuated by alabaster icebergs; dramatic snow-capped mountains; sweeping verdant valleys; glassy fjords, and otherworldly basalt formations; Becker’s breathtaking images vividly capture the almost incomprehensible beauty of the world’s most rugged and remote settings, places unsullied by the syntheticity and destruction that inevitably accompanies significant human intervention. 

    Hannes Becker landscape photo. Valley, river, mountains. Thorsmörk, Iceland.
    Thorsmörk, Iceland.

    “I still find the greatest joy and a sense of serenity when being surrounded by the great outdoors. Nature has a way of putting you back i
    n place. When standing in front of a mighty mountain, hearing the roaring ocean or getting to experience its force first hand by getting completely soaked in the rain…it makes you feel small and insignificant yet so very alive.”

    Hannes Becker landscape photo. Grass-roofed house, mountains, Faroe Islands.
    Grass-roofed house, Faroe Islands.
    Landscape photo by Hannes Becker, coast, Entdecke, Ireland
    Entdecke, Ireland.

    Technically excellent, and deeply perceptive,
    Becker’s approach is uncompromisingly honest, contemplative, and considered. However, in spite of this, he always finds space for intuition, accommodating his own emotions and sensibilities within his creations, which invariably convey his profound affection for the subject, and evoke a sense of wonder in the very same manner as those captured by the genre’s greatest practitioners.

    Hannes Becker landscape photo. Mountains, Mount Triglav, Slovenia.
    Mount Triglav, Slovenia.

    “When I am out on a mission capturing images for a client, I do have a certain plan in mind, however, I don’t get too specific about the exact image I want to shoot, it usually just all comes together and turns out different than anticipated.

    For example, when I am close to the ocean and a storm is coming? That’s when you can find me running around, trying to take it all in and to capture what I feel in that moment.”



    All images © Hannes Becker

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