Open Call Award ; color landscape photo of church and northern light in Iceland by Stevie Reinhart

Open Call Award Editors’ Picks of October 2023

Following the results of last month’s Open Call competition – judged by renowned VII Photo and National Geographic Photographer Maggie Steber – we want to share some of the competition entries that, despite not making the final selection, captivated us with their skill, creativity and overall strength.

From striking portraits to breathtaking landscapes and compelling documentary imagery, this collection spans almost the entire photographic spectrum. We are genuinely honored to spotlight the work of these 15 exceptionally talented photographers, whose work in our opinion, exemplifies the profound potential of the medium.

We’d like to express our gratitude to all participants who contributed to the competition. Thank you for taking the time to share your work with us.


Published November 16, 2023 - Congratulations to all selected artists: Mattia Chersicola, Giandomenico Veneziani, Andrea Peruzzi, Victoria Clarke, Teppei Handa, Pavel Kun, Stevie Reinhart, Swarat Ghosh, Esmeralda Holman, Joaquin Barata, Sudeep Lal, Rebecca Clark Andrino, Ksenia Maksimova, Salvatore Franco, Olga Shatokha,

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color street photo of woman in bus by Toni Hofmann
© Toni Hofmann
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