Playground Flavor - Hong Kong basketball court color photography by guillaume dutreix

Playground Flavor A photography project by Guillaume Dutreix

The population of Hong Kong loves sport, it is part of their culture. Even elderly people continue to practice Qi Gong every morning at sunrise. At the corner of every street, of any block, you can find a playground, tennis or football court, and more frequently a basketball court. Most of the time young people are practicing 3 pointers or playing one on one.

These playgrounds are part of the urban landscape and perfectly blend with the massive and colorful architecture surrounding them.

The photographs of this series illustrate the mix between urban culture and the extravagant architecture of this inordinate megalopolis.

Guillaume Dutreix is a French photographer based in Paris. Specializing in architecture, Dutreix often travels to cities and highly populated areas to document urban spaces. Discover more of his work here.

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color street photo of woman in bus by Toni Hofmann
© Toni Hofmann
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