color travel photo of man and camels in desert by Mili Lacmanovic

Travel Award Editors’ Picks of August 2022

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” – Henry Miller

Following the results of the 2022 Travel photography award, judged by internationally acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry, the editorial team is pleased to share some of the competition entries that didn’t make it to the final selection but nevertheless, showed extraordinary creativity and skill.

Breathtaking natural landscapes, candid street scenes, deeply absorbing portraiture and more, the submissions we received represented the full spectrum of photography and almost every corner of the planet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give an award to every entrant, but we are honored to share this selection of captivating images, all of which made a lasting impression, and we believe, are well worthy of exposure.

Travel comes in many forms, and this incredible range of stunning and inspiring work stands as testimony – Thanks again to all of you who took part in the award and shared your beautiful images with us!

Published September 19, 2022 - Congratulations to all selected artists: Patrizia Cali, Mili Lacmanovic, Marios Forsos, Shinya Itahana, Beatrice Wong, David Keith Brown, Mauro De Bettio, Joe Clarke, James Levison, Pauline Beretz, Gauthier Digoutte, Florian Delalee, Ben Glassco, Vladimir Karamazov, François Mille,

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potrait color photo of woman by Olga Urbanek
© Olga Urbanek
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