News NFT – SuperTalents Collection

The Independent Photographer’s debut NFT collection – ‘SuperTalents’, is launching on the Metaverse!

─── by Josh Bright, April 27, 2022
  • Launching on Open Sea on April 28th at 10 PM EST, the collection will feature 75 stunning images from 43 international artists revealed through our monthly awards and online magazine, all of which will be available as rare, verified, and collectible NFTs.

    gif of nft color images
    The SuperTalents - 2022 NFT collection

    Since our inception seven years ago, it has been our mission to provide a platform for all artists and to promote and celebrate photography in all of its wonderful forms.

    We continue this journey as we enter the exciting world of NFTs with the launch of our inaugural collection, a carefully-curated selection of dynamic works from some of the most innovative visual artists on the planet.

    color fashion portrait of a man on orange background by Aicha Fall
    “The theater of Mimicry I” © Aicha Fall
    Color photo, Pesc-y Pelicans, New South Wales, Australia, by Chris Beadle
    'Pesc-y Pelicans'. New South Wales, Australia © Chris Beadle

    Photography is a diverse and fascinating medium, encompassing a litany of styles and genres. This is evidenced in our online magazine, which features news, reviews, stories, and editorials on the best contemporary photography, and moreover, through our monthly awards, each of which is centered around a particular theme, from black & white to color; landscape (the 2022 edition is open for entries until May 1st) to portrait; visual storytelling, street and more.

    color portrait of two kushti fighters training in India by Silvia Alessi
    "Kushti fighters training" - India © Silvia Alessi
    color studio portrait of a white woman by Paolo Barretta
    from the "Prophecy series" © Paolo Barretta
    landscape color aerial photo of a erupted volcano in Island by Paul Lichte
    Erupted Volcano - Iceland © Paul Lichte

    We’ve invited practitioners, working across all styles and genres, to showcase their talent, creativity, and skill, and they certainly haven’t disappointed.

    Over the years, we have received a wealth of truly remarkable images from some of the most talented up-and-coming photographers of today and it has been our pleasure and privilege to showcase their creations.

    color photo of a man and tv at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA by Brian Goldfarb
    “The Insomniac” - Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA © Brian Goldfarb
    landscape color photograph of the faroe islands by Conrad Golovac
    "The Fishery and the Fjord" © Conrad Golovac
    colorful abstract portrait of a woman with long hair
    “Epic Hair, Everyday” © Suki Lui

    For our inaugural collection, we have assembled only the most arresting and creative of these images: groundbreaking works from a select group of exciting international artists, all of whom have been previously rewarded or commended by our team of experienced editors and esteemed jurors (which include some of the industry’s most notable figures) and which we believe represent the best in contemporary photography.

    photo of a young boy is swimming in water full of freshwater algae in Bangladesh by Anindita Roy
    “Swimming Deep” - Sirajganj District, North Bangladesh © Anindita Roy

    Presented on Opensea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace, these limited-edition blue-chip artworks start at around 0.3 ETH and are tracked on the blockchain, making each rare, verified, and collectible.

    color portrait photograph of a woman - EHA by Sirli Raitma
    "EHA” © Sirli Raitma
    aerial photo of a basketball court by Ilanna Barkusky
    © Ilanna Barkusky

    NFTs offer creators the opportunity to reach a wider audience; to promote and showcase their work whilst giving collectors, fans, and investors, the chance to join their creative journey and watch their investments grow and evolve together.

    TIP | Metaverse is our online gallery space, a platform for innovative image-makers to present their work to art fans and collectors worldwide. Working collaboratively with up-and-coming artists from across the globe, we aim to shape a new, progressive digital culture, that champions creativity, fosters community, and supports image-makers as they enter a new creative economy.

    color street photo of a car in Havana, Cuba
    “Havana” - Cuba © Sabino Parente

    The Super Talents collection launches on Open Sea on April 28, at 10PM (CEST). For updates; information on future launches and giveaways, and the latest news and stories from across the photographic world, subscribe to our newsletter.


    All images © their respective owners