Efi Logginou From the Street

“I am an actress by profession. I only started to take pictures about four years ago. The process of taking pictures allows me to explore the curiosity I have for other people with the same fervency as when I work as an actress. Acting and photography have common denominators: curiosity and observation.

When I moved to Berlin, I had to understand and get use to both a different culture and a foreign language. Photography helped me to communicate and get closer. It was the key to adjust to a new life and each day the street would provide me with different experiences, each day I would discover new things.

I’m a permanent observer and the camera is my window to the outside world. On sunny days I like to experiment with pictures of strangers in front of great buildings. On grey or rainy days life mostly takes place indoor; Inside caf├ęs, restaurants, even cars. People become somehow separated from the street and The reflection of the glass window provides a surface connecting two worlds.”

– Efi Logginou is a Greek photographer and member of InterCollective.

– Discover more of her work here: Efi Logginou