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“What’s interesting to me about the world is its chaos and contradictions, the way opposites can be so beautiful in relation to each other” – Gregory Halpern

─── by Josh Bright, March 15, 2022
  • Magnum presents a new, on-demand course led by acclaimed American documentary photographer Gregory Halpern: a unique opportunity to learn firsthand from one of the most respected names in contemporary visual storytelling.

    Gregory Halpern documentary photography portrait, man. Magnum photos.

    To coincide with our 2022 Emerging Talent Award, (judged by Guardian photo editor, Caroline Hunter) we teamed up with Magnum to offer newsletter subscribers the chance to win one of 10 free passes to the course.

    It is a unique opportunity to develop your storytelling skills and learn firsthand from one of the most respected names in contemporary documentary photography.

    Gregory Halpern documentary photography blue car, landscape. Magnum photos.
    Lincoln Continental. Omaha, Nebraska. USA. 2005-2018
    Gregory Halpern documentary photography, woman with pink hair, Magnum photos.
    USA. 2008-2011. The American Rust Belt, from the project "A".

    One of the most creative documentarians of today, Halpern is a photographer and educator whose thought-provoking output poetically explores the complexities of contemporary American identity.

    A Magnum associate, he has published a number of acclaimed photobooks including, Zzyzx, winner of PhotoBook of the Year at the 2016 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award.



    Gregory Halpern: Documentary Sur/Realism
    is the latest offering from Magnum Learn, the prestigious photo agency’s online education platform for photography and visual storytelling.

    Presented by renowned photographers and industry insiders, their 100% exclusive, on-demand courses offer participants unique advice and insights that will help them improve their practice.

    Gregory Halpern/Magnum Photos documentary photography, tattooed hand with stars
    Los Angeles and vicinity. USA. 2008-2015. From the project "ZZYZX".

    Comprised of 16 lessons, and more than 5 hours of material, the course
    unpacks Halpern’s unique approach to portraiture and the power of editing and sequencing in building photographic narratives. It also offers exclusive insights into his end-to-end process, from pressing the shutter and creating contact sheets to his approach to editing and sequencing.


    All images © Gregory Halpern / Magnum photos