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Interview Top Advice For Photographers

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“I look for an authentic moment, whether it be reportage, portraiture, or documentary work. I look for beauty, surprise, and something that is deeply felt and plumbs the depths of human experience.” – Molly Roberts

─── by Josh Bright, October 3, 2022
  • Award-winning visual editor, independent curator, and previous competition judge Molly Roberts, offers her top advice for up-and-coming photographers.

    color photograph of Balinese priests in a Temple by Michael Morgan
    “Balinese temple” - Bali, Indonesia © Michael Morgan - 1st Prize Winner, People Award, October 2021

    Over the course of her twenty-five-year career, Molly has worked and collaborated with some of the most important names in contemporary photography, contributing to a host of leading international publications including, The Washington Post Magazine, USA Weekend, Smithsonian Magazine, where she served as Chief Photography Editor, and as Senior Photography Editor of National Geographic Magazine, a post she left in 2019 when she accepted a prestigious John S. and James L. Knight Foundation at Ohio University. She currently works at National Geographic Books.

    She has also worked on numerous special projects; served as a juror for a myriad of prestigious awards and contests, and as an invited reviewer for the likes of PhotoNOLA, Medium Photo Festival, The New York Times Review, and Women Photojournalists of Washington.
    color film photo of women in colourful bathing suits by Vikram Kushwah
    “Women in Bathing Suits” © Vikram Kushwah - Second Prize Winner, Color Award, June 2022
    color photo of wreck ship and horizon by Benjamin Hawkins
    "Pin Mill” - Suffolk, UK © Benjamin Hawkins - Editors Picks, Landscape Award, April 2022
    photograph of a bamboo scaffolding cloaking a Hong Kong building by Tom Leighton
    “HK Scaffolding" © Tom Leighton - Finalist, Color Award, June 2022

    A passionate advocate of powerful visual storytelling and human rights, she recently created the non-profit HumanEyesUSA, with the aim of, both focusing attention on human rights issues in her homeland, and creating new audiences for photography projects on these subjects.

    Mohammad Mohsenifar, street photography, colors, advice for photographers
    Untitled © Mohammad Mohsenifar - Second Prize Winner, Street Photography Award, February 2018

    – What is your favorite or most memorable moment from your career thus far?

    MR: This is a tough question! I was 17 when I first saw the inspiring work of Robert Frank’s The Americans. That moment still resonates with me for all these years. To be capable of making images that are hauntingly beautiful and incisively critical at once, is a goal worth pursuing for a lifetime. I try to take this lesson with me when I photograph, when I shape work for magazines and books and when I put together exhibitions. I also like to keep in mind the phrase, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”, coined by Banksy, as he paraphrased author, Finley Dunne.

    black and white close up portrait of an elderly woman and a newborn baby by Gary Lawson
    "The circle" © Gary Lawson - Editor's Pick, Open Call Award, December 2021

    How has the industry changed during your career?

    MR: Tremendously! There are now so many new tools for photography and visual storytelling, and platforms for the work to be seen. However, the power is not in the tools, the power is in the mind and heart of the practitioner. One admirable change that digital publishing has wrought is opening up this world of storytelling to many more, and diverse voices. That’s a change I champion.

    color fine art fashion portrait by Anna Karvounari
    “Ariadne’s thread" © Anna Karvounari - Finalist, Emerging Talent Award, March 2022
    Portrait photography of young man holding flowers by Lee-Ann Olwage
    "Taiji" © Lee-Ann Olwage - Finalist, Portrait Award, May 2018

    What do you look for in an image?

    MR: I look for an authentic moment, whether it be reportage, portraiture, or documentary work. I look for beauty, surprise, and something that is deeply felt and plumbs the depths of human experience.

    Kanrapee Chokpaiboon street photography
    Untitled © Kanrapee Chokpaiboon - Third Prize Winner, Open Call Award, October 2017

    What are your top three tips for up-and-coming photographers?

    Respect yourself and others in all that you do. Be yourself, be authentic, and be collaborative. Develop the skills you need to tell truly important stories. Listen much more than you speak. Empathy is an important part of the work we do.

    black and white film photo of a woman in water by Joanna Borowiec
    “Unfinished Dreams” © Joanna Borowiec - 2nd Prize Winner, Black & White Award, 2022
    black and white landscape film photo of a road by Alexandre Caetano
    © Alexandre Caetano

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