Pierre Belhassen Wake Up in New York

It’s been three years since I had woken up in this city.
“Awaken” might be a more appropriate term.
New York in front, ahead and above me… it is where, almost randomly, I discovered photography.
Then I went home, with two or three memories and a passion for photography in my bags.
Three years. That is how long it took to go back, and rediscover the city in which I found myself.
What else did it have in store for me?
At the heart of the big city I had open my eyes, it is where I understood that things are not to be seen because they are obvious, but obvious because they are to be seen. A week has passed and again I have to go back home.
I cannot sleep in the plane. From the window, the city disappears into the night, and then nothing… nothing but black…
In Paris I finally fall asleep and in my dreams, I see New York …