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“…I love the moments where you know, you won’t ever experience it again and that you’ve just captured a little bit of magic…”

─── by Josh Bright, August 29, 2023
  • Daniel Casson is an English photographer, whose vivid, painting-like landscapes capture the unique and captivating beauty of his homeland.

    Casson’s photographic journey started around a decade ago when he began using his iPhone to capture images while hiking, subsequently sharing them on Instagram.

    A few years later, he acquired his first Sony camera, a transformative step that enabled him to capture images in much greater detail and quality. Even today, Casson remains loyal to the brand, having recently upgraded to the Sony a7iv with the 24-70 gm Sony lens, which he uses for his ‘everyday’ photography.

    While England might not be renowned for its rugged rural vistas in comparison to its neighboring countries or the alpine landscapes of the continent, Casson’s work conveys the country’s undeniable charm. Verdant fields, stone-walled villages, and undulating hills form a mesmerizing mosaic that Casson captures with a sense of familiarity born from countless days spent traversing these landscapes.

    His images possess a painterly quality, owing in part to his subjects though more significantly, the skillful artistry with which he renders them. His mastery of light is impressive, no small feat considering the often overcast English skies. However, he also emphasizes the pivotal role of the editing process in shaping the final image.

    “For me, editing is just as crucial as having an eye for photography. It sets you apart, especially in a platform like Instagram flooded with aspiring photographers. I envision the edit as I take the shot, or at least how I envision the final image. I use Lightroom for editing, relying on my personal presets as a foundation and then fine-tuning the details using Lightroom on my phone to achieve the desired outcome.”

    Casson draws inspiration from diverse sources. Rather then then looking to the iconic masters as is commonplace amongst emerging practitioners, his major influences are Emilie Lula and Jason Charles Hill, an Australian couple renowned for their captivating travel photography.

    “I’ve been following them since day 1! The way they manipulate colors in their work to enhance their photos is truly remarkable, and you can certainly perceive their influence in my work!”

    From his initial forays in his local surroundings, Casson has progressively explored new horizons. He has visited various rural locales within the United Kingdom, notably the Scottish Highlands, which he captured with the same artistic finesse as those more familiar environments.

    Additionally, Iceland, a favourite destination for landscape photographers thanks to its breathtaking, and at times, otherworldly scenery, likewise captivated him. However, it’s the Peak District, a rugged national park near his hometown, that continues to hold his heart.

    “I honed my landscape photography skills there, and it forever draws me back. As autumn approaches and the mornings grow cooler, misty mornings become frequent. There’s nothing quite like rising early and reaping the rewards.”

    Casson stands as one of the most exciting, emerging landscape photographers of today. His skill, creativity and deep appreciation for nature shine through in his images, which capture the often-overlooked beauty of his homeland.


    All images © Daniel Casson