Landscape Award April 2020

  • Winning Photographer Stephen King

    Winning Photographer Stephen King

    "Winter Wonderland" - Hokkaido, Japan
    "Shot during an unexpected spring snowstorm at the top of Hirafu in Hokkaido, Japan. The storm clouds which enveloped the background also helped highlight and isolate the wonderful shapes and lines formed by the branches. The manner in which a few branches followed the contour of the hills in the back was an added bonus." © Stephen King
  • Second Prize Christopher Baker

    Second Prize Christopher Baker

    Pyramid of Khafre, Giza Necropolis - Egypt
    © Christopher Baker
  • Aerial landscape photo of The Great Wall of China Jinshanling, Chengde, China by Joshua Cavalier

    Third Prize Joshua Cavalier

    Third Prize Joshua Cavalier

    "Jinshanling, The Great Wall" - Chengde, China
    Jinshanling is a section of the Great Wall of China located in the mountainous area in Hebei Province, 125 km northeast of Beijing. The Jinshanling section of the wall was built from 1570 CE during the Ming dynasty. It is 10.5 km long with 5 passes, 67 towers, and 3 beacon towers. The initial section of the wall has been restored to the original condition, but the condition of the wall deteriorates towards its natural state as it approaches Simatai. © Joshua Cavalier
  • Finalist Mark Boyle

    Finalist Mark Boyle

    "Sensual Curves" - Injidup Bay, Yallingup, Western Australia
    © Mark Boyle
  • Aerial landscape photography by Olivier Jarry-Lacombe, Norway, archipelago, sunset, soccer field

    Finalist Olivier Jarry-Lacombe

    Finalist Olivier Jarry-Lacombe

    "Paradise island" - Norway
    "The sun had just passed the horizon when I arrived at the end of this incredible archipelago located in the Norwegian Sea. I settled down and decided to take flight above the last rocks of the most southerly islet. The view was incredible, and like every clear evening in this late winter period, the polar colors settled on the horizon." © Olivier Jarry-Lacombe
  • Finalist John Kimwell Laluma

    Finalist John Kimwell Laluma

    "Density" - Macau
    View from the inner courtyard of downtown buildings in Macau. Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong and one of the densest cities on earth. © John Kimwell Laluma
  • Finalist Stefano Tomassetti

    Finalist Stefano Tomassetti

    "Balloons over Bagan" - Bagan, Myanmar
    "I knew that in Myanmar, I would want to fly in a hot air balloon over Bagan. As soon as I arrived in Bagan, I bought the ticket. After 3 long days of waiting due to unsatisfying weather conditions, I could finally fly. Just before the sunrise, the first balloons rose up in the sky." © Stefano Tomassetti
  • Finalist Sid Ghosh

    Finalist Sid Ghosh

    “Fall colors in the Dolomites” - Dolomites, Northern Italy
    © Sid Ghosh
  • Finalist Robin Christ

    Finalist Robin Christ

    "Glow" - Hawaii, USA
    "I took this picture on the big Island of Hawaii. I was travelling with a well-known National Geographic photographer who specializes in lava. We had to walk 1 hour on the extinct lava towards the Active Spring. The excursion started at 04:00 AM, so that we arrived in the dark and could catch the light of the lava pretty well." © Robin Christ
  • Finalist Eric Melzer

    Finalist Eric Melzer

    “Solar Storm” - Ivanpah Solar Station, California
    © Eric Melzer


Jury's Feedback

  • ©

    Judge: Thomas Heaton

    “Keep it simple; Read books & learn from others.
    Don’t give up, persevere & believe in your vision.”Thomas Heaton is a renowned British travel and landscape photographer traveling the world to discover and capture the most stunning sceneries of our planet. From his own backyard to the remote corners of Patagonia, Thomas’ passion for the outdoors has been featured on the BBC’s One Show, published in all of the UK’s national newspapers, National Geographic.

    Thomas regularly shares his adventures on his Youtube channel, a community of over 360,000 subscribers – engaging, teaching and connecting with landscape photographers worldwide.

Lauriane Bieber
© Lauriane Bieber

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black and white landscape photo of iceland fjord by François Mille
© François Mille
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