Portrait Award May 2018

  • Color portrait by Olga Urbanek, 'Sigga'

    Winning Photographer Olga Urbanek

    Winning Photographer Olga Urbanek

    Title: "Sigga" © Olga Urbanek
  • People & Photography - B&W photo of a woman in diving outfit, South Korea

    Second Prize Alain Schroeder

    Second Prize Alain Schroeder

    Title: "Sea Women 1"

    The haenyo sea-women of Jeju in South Korea dive at depth between 5 and 30 meters without any breathing apparatus, harvesting abalone, conch, octopus, sea urchins...

    Their average age is 65, with some still diving into their 80s. The activity is slowly vanishing, as of 2014. 98% of Haenyeo were over the age of 50, and very few young girls are attracted to the profession. © Alain Schroeder
  • Third Prize Hossein Fardinfard

    Third Prize Hossein Fardinfard

    Title: "Dasha"

    Doukhobors are a Spiritual Christian religious group of Russian origin rejected by Orthodox Church and exiled in the country of Georgia. They use to go to their shrine every Sunday morning.

    As the Gorelovka Doukhobor community dwindles, only about 40 families remain, and of those, only about 10 persons continue to attend ceremonies at their shrine. Dasha is the youngest member of this community, as they say the last hope to continue their traditions. Dasha is a Russian name and means God's gift! © Hossein Fardinfard
  • Portrait photography of young man holding flowers by Lee-Ann Olwage

    Finalist Lee-Ann Olwage

    Finalist Lee-Ann Olwage

    Title: "Taiji" © Lee-Ann Olwage
  • Finalist Niki Gleoudi

    Finalist Niki Gleoudi

    Title: "Never Hide" © Niki Gleoudi
  • Finalist Takamoto Yamauchi

    Finalist Takamoto Yamauchi

    Title: "Kae"

    Kae is my sister. She has suffered from schizophrenia for over 20 years. She sometimes gets into various stages of hallucination. Kae is constantly in and out of the hospital. © Takamoto Yamauchi
  • Finalist Divesh Mistry

    Finalist Divesh Mistry

    Title: "Cotton"

    Shamira holds a bundle of cotton she has collected. She works in a cotton processing factory located in Rhino Camp, Uganda, keeping the factory floor clean during the 12 hour shift.

    Cotton is a highly valued cash crop in the region with the majority of processed cotton coming from small scale farmers, many of whom are relocated South Sudanese refugees. The factory is the only employer outside of NGOs in this region. A job in the factory is highly prized, with workers regarding the daily salary of £1.25 as 'diamond wage'. © Divesh Mistry
  • Top tips for photographers - black & white portrait of a woman by Suzan Pektas

    Finalist Suzan Pektas

    Finalist Suzan Pektas

    Title: "She"- From the series "She".

    "My focus, in this work, are single individuals. I photograph my close friends because this offers an area of deeper intimate relationship between myself and my subject. Yet, I scrape their known identities and work with them as anonymous beings. The focus is on the mutual and natural interaction between the object and the subject, the one looked at and the one looking at. They are usually female in their 30's, which is a special period in which one transforms into a certain level of maturity.

    Women are multi-character personalities who can switch between different identities fast, while sustaining an integrity. Under a veil of mystery, a unique blend of power and sensibility define women. Their body language drags me into a surreal world, feeding my fantasies and dreams. This fascinates me with different levels of narration, a mixture of dreams and reality." - Suzan Pektas © Suzan Pektas
  • Finalist Michalis Poulas

    Finalist Michalis Poulas

    Title: "Infinite Perimeter 04" - Infinite Perimeter is a project about human identity as it exists within the current stage of capitalism.

    It is about the feelings of loss, loneliness and isolation that everyone can experience whether as actual immigrants or even into their homeland. It is about the sense of being exiled even from ourselves. © Michalis Poulas
  • Finalist Barry Feldman

    Finalist Barry Feldman

    Title: "Pete" © Barry Feldman


Jury's Feedback

  • © Jimmy Nelson

    Judge: Jimmy Nelson

    Jimmy Nelson is a British photojournalist and photographer known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous people.

    Jimmy started working as a photographer in 1987 after a one year journey on foot across Tibet. A visual diary featuring revealing images of a previously inaccessible Tibet that was published to wide international acclaim.

    In 2009 he started to work on his biggest project to-date, Before they Pass Away. Nelson travelled for 3 years and photographed more than 35 indigenous tribes around the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the South Pacific, using a 50-year-old 4×5 camera.

    Over the years Jimmy’s groundbreaking images have appeared in National Geographic, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, BBC News, The Independent and The Guardian. His work has been exhibited at international museums and shown at the world’s leading photographic art galleries.

    Candid or staged, across all photographic fields: We are looking for the most stunning images of today’s portrait photography.

    Enter now and show us YOUR portraits!

Giacomo Carlini
© Giacomo Carlini

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potrait color photo of woman by Olga Urbanek
© Olga Urbanek
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