OPEN CALL Award December 2019

  • Title: “Mercedes” - Havana, Cuba 2018 Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment.

    Winning Photographer Rosa Mariniello

    Winning Photographer Rosa Mariniello

    Title: “Mercedes” - Havana, Cuba 2018
    Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment.
    © Rosa Mariniello
  • Second Prize Giulia Savorelli

    Second Prize Giulia Savorelli

    Title: “Terroni’s Before the Procession” - London, UK
    “Il Quartiere” , as it is referred to, is a triangle between Farringdon, Clerkenwell and Holborn where the Italian ghetto used to be, and where today a large part of the community still resides and gathers. Part of ongoing project started as a response to Italy’s increasingly hostile position on immigration, from policy makers to a (saddening) majority of the public. Through a series of portraits this project aims to explore, and trace the history of, Italian immigrants in London today. - From ongoing project “Il Quartiere”.
    © Giulia Savorelli
  • Third Prize Stuart Chape

    Third Prize Stuart Chape

    'Tonle Sap and Chong Kneas village', Cambodia
    Aerial view from a helicopter of Tonle Sap lake and Chong Kneas village in the dry season, Cambodia.
    Tonlé Sap, literally large river (tonle) ; not salty (sap), is a seasonally inundated freshwater lake that is connected to the Mekong River. They form the central part of a complex hydrological system in the Cambodian floodplain.
    © Stuart Chape
  • Finalist Hilda Champion

    Finalist Hilda Champion

    “Tree in Winter”
    On the first day of snowfall a delicate white dusting covers the landscape. The leaves are still showing colors, pleasantly contrasting the white of the snow.
    © Hilda Champion
  • Finalist Khanh Phan-Thi

    Finalist Khanh Phan-Thi

    From series "Vietnam from Above"
    A woman is drying incense sticks, a process in making incense. Vietnamese believe that incense is a tool to connect the living with the spirits. When people burn incense, they can talk to spirits and pray.
    © Khanh Phan-Thi
  • Finalist Sandra Mickiewicz

    Finalist Sandra Mickiewicz

    Ernie comes from a Gypsy family living in the UK. I met him at the Dereham Horse Fair near Norwich. The day before I went to photograph the fair, the weather was bad and the whole field was covered in mud. It didn’t stop Ernie to run around the field and ride on his horse. He was all covered in mud. Before he washed himself, I asked him to pose for me. He then took two of his dogs as he wanted to have a picture with them.
    © Sandra Mickiewicz
  • Finalist Leon Düllberg

    Finalist Leon Düllberg

    “Fjallsjökull” - Iceland 2016
    © Leon Düllberg
  • Finalist Nicole Cambré

    Finalist Nicole Cambré

    “The Road to Kigali” - Beyond the visible light.
    Image taken with an infrared converted camera , creating a winter landscape in Africa.
    © Nicole Cambré
  • Finalist Sandra Ramos

    Finalist Sandra Ramos

    © Sandra Ramos
  • Finalist Jessica Cantlin

    Finalist Jessica Cantlin

    “Emeralds No. 2”
    “Emeralds No. 2” is part of a series of photographs that explores the ephemeral quality of light and color in regions that are susceptible to transient weather conditions. In Northeast Brazil, the LenÁÛis Maranhenses is a range of coastal sand dunes that is isolated and temperamental. Though desert-like, it rains 47-inches per year, creating a vast system of fresh water lagoons. Every dry season, the water evaporates and harsh winds cause the dunes to shift. As part of my continuing study of the role that weather plays in how we experience a landscape, these photographs are my testimony to the incredible fragility of the earth as it confronts climate change.
    © Jessica Cantlin


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© Roger Chen

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