Color Award March 2018

  • 'Lilium'. From the series 'Life of Flowers' Color photo by Alessandra D'Innella

    Winning Photographer Alessandra D’Innella

    Winning Photographer Alessandra D’Innella

    Title: "Lilium" - From the series "Life of Flowers"

    Life of flowers is a project inspired by the idea of impermanence and illusion of reality in Zen philosophy. In these photographs the flowers are captured out of the flow of time, conveying in this way the illusion of a constant present moment and expanded memory of it. © Alessandra D’Innella
  • Second Prize Brooke Holm

    Second Prize Brooke Holm

    Title: "Mineral Matter V"

    The Mineral Matter V' series captures parts of Iceland's mystery, intrigue, power and fragility.

    This photograph depicts Iceland's dynamic landscape with a show of volcanic ash, sediment and colorful minerals being collected and moved by the travels of glacial water. Shot from above in a helicopter, the ethereal landscape presents itself in an abstract way, challenging our views and perspective on the place we call home. © Brooke Holm
  • Third Prize Viachaslau Semeniuta

    Third Prize Viachaslau Semeniuta

    From the series "Cold Shell"

    "Cold Shell" is a visual project representing the female body photographed using ultraviolet illumination and fluorescent reflectors. © Viachaslau Semeniuta
  • Finalist Benoit Paillé

    Finalist Benoit Paillé

    Title: "1" © Benoit Paillé
  • Finalist Chiara Zonca

    Finalist Chiara Zonca

    Title: "Untitled V" - From the series "Moon Kingdom". © Chiara Zonca
  • Finalist Nick Dale

    Finalist Nick Dale

    Close-up on giraffe silhouetted

    The golden profile of a giraffe's head and neck can be seen against a pure black background. Shot at the Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno, near Santander, Spain, 2017. © Nick Dale
  • Finalist Guillaume Dutreix

    Finalist Guillaume Dutreix

    Title: "Playground Flavor 1" - From the series Playground Flavor

    "Population of Hong Kong loves sport, and its part of their culture. Even old people continue practicing Qi Gong every morning at sunrise. At every street corner, behind any tower block, you can find a playground, a tennis or football court and more frequently a basketball court. These playgrounds are part of the urban landscape and perfectly melt with this massive and colorful architecture." © Guillaume Dutreix
  • Finalist Alain Schroeder

    Finalist Alain Schroeder

    Title: "Bagan"

    A herd of cows and their shepherds are crossing the Bagan temple plain before sunset, Bagan, Myanmar. © Alain Schroeder
  • Finalist Antonia Andritch

    Finalist Antonia Andritch

    Title: "Determination" © Antonia Andritch
  • Finalist Genesis Ilada

    Finalist Genesis Ilada

    Title: "Painted Hills" © Genesis Ilada


Jury's Feedback

  • Judged by: Maciek Jasik

    New York based Photographer Maciek Jasik does not only tests the limits of color and movement but also tries to find a steadiness between planning and spontaneity.

    His photography aims to reach a balance between aesthetic and emotional concerns with a powerful, yet subtle and unique use of color.

    Maciek explores the notion of identity, gender and the self while working in a parallel world of endless color and bewildering physical phenomena.

    With years of professional experience and his work published everywhere from New York Magazine to Bloomberg Businessweek we are absolutely delighted to have him with us as competition judge!

Nessim Stevenson
© Nessim Stevenson
© Jelena Jankovic

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