Theme: OPEN CALL December 2016

Officers of the UPP (Pacifying Police Unit), a law enforcement unit which controls some of Rio’s favelas, atop Vidigal favela, Rio de Janeiro, on August 18, 2016. From the series: “Darkness and Hope in Brazil’s Favelas”.

Loulou d’Aki, Competition Judge:

“The picture has a good composition and light and makes me wonder what is going on. It makes me curious and that is a good thing.”

Congratulations to all the talented photographers who made it to the final!

We’re extremely pleased to present the results of the Open Call Competition Award: Last month we were looking for a wide variety of works coming from all photographic genres to discover and celebrate the best of today’s photography.

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“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”
– Elliot Erwitt

– The Theme: Open Call

We welcomed all types and genres of photography to our Open Call Competition Award.
With no explicit lead your work could fall into any category and we invited photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience to share with us their best images. We were looking for a wide variety of works to discover and celebrate the best of today’s photography and we wanted you to challenge us and respond to the theme in as many inventive ways as you could imagine.

– The Judge: Loulou d’Aki

Loulou d’Aki is a Swedish Documentary Photographer specializing on the influence of borders, the idea of freedom and how human beings are affected by the society in which they live. Over years of professional experience she has been published in magazines such as Le Monde, Die Zeit, the New York Times, TIMES, NY Magazine, Internazionale…

Besides publications and editorial assignments, she has done work for UNICEF, the UN and exhibited in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Singapore. Discover her work here.

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