BLACK & WHITE Awards December 2017

  • Winning Photographer Simona Bonanno

    Winning Photographer Simona Bonanno

    © Simona Bonanno
  • Second Prize Edgard De Bono

    Second Prize Edgard De Bono

    © Edgard De Bono
  • Third Prize Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

    Third Prize Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

    © Artyt Lerdrakmongkol
  • Finalist Kunal Kohli

    Finalist Kunal Kohli

    © Kunal Kohli
  • Finalist Miguel Yovera Nole

    Finalist Miguel Yovera Nole

    © Miguel Yovera Nole
  • Finalist Massimiliano Balo’

    Finalist Massimiliano Balo’

    © Massimiliano Balo’
  • Finalist Anikitos Hadjicharalambous

    Finalist Anikitos Hadjicharalambous

    © Anikitos Hadjicharalambous
  • Finalist Giorgio Musinu

    Finalist Giorgio Musinu

    © Giorgio Musinu
  • Finalist Rajat Swami

    Finalist Rajat Swami

    © Rajat Swami
  • Finalist Marco Rocchigiani

    Finalist Marco Rocchigiani

    © Marco Rocchigiani


First Prize: Simona Bonanno

“To me photography reaches its highest level when the camera impress those epiphanies that bring truth into a new, magical dimension. Very short instants, so difficult to immortalise, when material elements of this world act together in such a way to create something that exceed the boundaries of rational thinking. The result is an image that puts the audience in awe and to me, at a time where people seem anaesthetised, it is something really powerful and precious that highlights the need for photography now more than ever.” – Francesco Merlini


Second Prize: Edgard De Bono

“Usually I don’t really like photographs with multiple subjects but the framing, complex and balanced at the same time, and the individual force of every element, both kinetic and static, has definitely struck me. Each one of the photographed subjects could be the main protagonist of this picture; Many faces of the same moment making different scenarios dance together involuntarily while sharing the same instant. Individual scenes, broken and mixed all together, creating something new, unanimous and unique.” – Francesco Merlini


Honorary Mention: Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

“While a great range of technics exist to create surrealist photographs, the poetic narration of a moment supported by a truly personal expression remains the most powerful element. Departing from a single reality it develops into a multitude of new layers and emotions for the viewer to interpret. Here, the subtle and yet absolute duality of the image, between light and shadow, life and death, presented in a last farewell simply masters the duality of black and white colours. Stunning work, undoubtedly!” – The Independent Photographer Editors

© Stephen Cook

Current Theme:
LANDSCAPE Deadline: 30 April 2020

When taking a picture of a landscape, just like in a portrait or a scene, photographers attempt to tell a story.

From compelling urban scenes to minimalist pulls towards the earth: this month we want to discover and celebrate all the beauty and joy that landscapes can provide.

All approaches are valid and we want to see as many different styles and compositions as possible!

1st Prize: $1000 · 2nd Prize: $600 · 3rd Prize: $400

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