Theme: PEOPLE November 2017

  • "Sento Bather"

    A bather in a traditional "sento" (bathhouse) on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan.

    Winning Photographer Simon Urwin

  • "Max, 26 Republic of Congo" - From the series "Cold War"

    Since the 1960’s, Russia has taken recruits from countries in Africa including Angola, Congo and Mozambique to train them to fly helicopters. Transplanted to icy plains from the merciless heat of their homelands, most arrive without speaking a word of a taxing language and have to endure rigorous physical and mental challenges.

    Second Prize Justin Barton

  • "Champagne Parade" - A club scene in Shanghai, China

    Honorary Mention Marc Ressang

  • "Enjoying the Bath" - River Omo, near the Ethiopia-Kenya border, Ethiopia, 2016
    This boy was swimming and cooling off in the river to protect himself from the high temperatures at midday.

    Finalist Yago Ruiz

  • Finalist Shakira Nelis

  • "Harringay Superstore, 8pm" - From the series "Harringay Superstore".
    Started in 2017, "Harringay Superstore" is an ongoing series that combines photomontage and single exposure. All images are taken in the same commercial area that attracts people from many different areas and backgrounds.

    Finalist Marta Corada

  • Finalist Gil Barez

  • "Buzkashi"
    Buzkashi (literally "goat pulling" in Persian), is the Central Asian sport in which horse-mounted players attempt to place a goat or calf carcass in a goal. Traditionally, games could last for several days, but in its more regulated tournament version, it has a limited match time.

    Finalist Marc Ressang

  • "Shamans of Siberia"

    Shaman Svetlana Butusova during the traditional ritual ceremony, Abakan, Russia. 2017

    Finalist Yuriy Ogarkov

  • Finalist Anamaria Ghinitoiu

Congratulations to photographer Simon Urwin who’s image won the competition!

– Theme: People / Competition Judge: Matthieu Paley

From all corners of the world, across all cultures and borders: We wanted to discover and celebrate all the diversity of the human race. Be it in street, portrait, documentary, conceptual, travel or any other form of photography that tells the story of people. There were very little boundaries and we are open to all approaches!

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First Prize: Simon Urwin

“You have to always remember the first impression an image gives you, and being surprised is good. I like the intimacy of the image, the composition keeping Mt Fuji in the frame, and I know it’s not easy to photograph in a thermal environment, for obvious reasons (the nakedness, water everywhere etc – you think twice about taking you camera). So I gave the image a win; it’s a bit quirky, it has this slight tension, and it gives a sense of place, all wrapped up… well done.”
– Matthieu Paley

Second Prize: Justin Barton

“I like images that makes you question things. And this one does that. An African man dressed in what looks like a Russian army fatigue, in snow… I feel I can learn something from that image, and a decisive element here, is that the caption is well researched, showing me that the “work” had been done.” – Matthieu Paley

Honorary Mention: Marc Ressang

“Robert Frank once said: “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” – And it is precisely what this image demonstrates. We are given the opportunity to feel the various emotions and narratives unfolding in front of us and on people’s faces. From sheer joy to solemn concentration, the photograph is perfectly framed and the black & white bring a unique sens of abstraction working wonderfully with the surrealness of the scene.”
– The Independent Photographer Editors

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