OPEN CALL Awards December 2018

  • Winner Marcus Maddox

    Winning Photographer Marcus Maddox

    Winning Photographer Marcus Maddox

    Title: "Awaken, My Friend"
    A black man shields himself from the outside world. He wears all white and is engulfed by primary colors. © Marcus Maddox
  • Second Prize Pieter Henket Eva Vonk

    Second Prize Pieter Henket

    Second Prize Pieter Henket

    Title: "The woman on the moon"
    This beautiful image is part of “Congo Tales,” a collaborative project aiming to raise awareness on the ecological importance of the Congo Basin, which is the second-largest tropical forest in the world after the Amazon. © Pieter Henket
  • Third Prize Julia Fullerton-Batten

    Third Prize Julia Fullerton-Batten

    Third Prize Julia Fullerton-Batten

    Title: "Bathers at Tower Bridge"
    In the 18th Century, Tower Bridge, London, was a popular bathing spot for all classes of society. It was only possible to bath for short periods of time as high tide on the Thames was every 3-4 hours. © Julia Fullerton-Batten
  • Finalist Arturs Strikis

    Finalist Arturs Strikis

    Title: "Pitbull" - Istanbul, Turkey © Arturs Strikis
  • Finalist Daniel Molina Robles

    Finalist Daniel Molina Robles

    Title: "I am in here" © Daniel Molina Robles
  • Finalist Tim Franco

    Finalist Tim Franco

    Title: "Fisherman's house"
    A fishermen's house in Sorvagen, Norway, during the winter Cod Fishing season. © Tim Franco
  • Finalist Justin Aversano

    Finalist Justin Aversano

    Title: "Kiarah and Kayah Agudo" - NYC, 2017 © Justin Aversano
  • Finalist Snezhana von Buedingen

    Finalist Snezhana von Buedingen

    Title: "Twins" - Russia © Snezhana von Buedingen
  • Finalist Fee Groenemeyer

    Finalist Fee Groenemeyer

    Title: "The Fan" © Fee Groenemeyer
  • Finalist Riccardo Dubitante

    Finalist Riccardo Dubitante

    Title: "Csenge" © Riccardo Dubitante


1st Prize: Marcus Maddox

Marcus Maddox image brilliantly succeeds in striking the perfect balance between ethics on one side and aesthetics on the other. Poetic and delicate, not only is its content and subject compelling: the sense for the color and the composition are also extraordinary. The composition together with the distinctive use of colors  becomes a metaphor that speaks not only about diversity, but also about embracing a more fluid idea of masculinity, away from socially induced stereotypes. Furthermore the image  – as Maddox says – speaks about “the uniqueness and significance of people of colour in a mostly white country” . – Alessia Glaviano

2nd Prize: Pieter Henket

This beautiful image is part of “Congo Tales”, a collaborative project comprised of Dutch photographer Pieter Henket & Eva Vonk, a Dutch producer. The project aim to raise awareness on the ecological importance of the Congo Basin, which is the second-largest tropical forest in the world after the Amazon. The team spent five years in the region working closely with the Mbomo community.

This carefully crafted project constitutes a clever multi layered work, where ethics and aesthetics meet in a poetic and commanding way. I feel that nowadays with the incredible amount of excellent works out there, we need more projects like this, at the intersection between reality and artistic interpretation, which could – sometimes – be the best way to direct attention on a given topic. We should embrace the fact that in a period that sees an increasing sophistication in terms of visual language, there are different ways of telling a story in order to create curiosity and interest even on current and relevant events and topics. – Alessia Glaviano

3rd Prize: Julia Fullerton-Batten

London is one of the world’s major cities, but it would not have existed without the River Thames. Since pre-Roman times, the river has been the major communication and trade route between Britain and the rest of the world.

In her series “Old Father Thames” Julia’s meticulous and surreal recreated scenes depict a collection of carefully composed situations figuratively retracing the history of the iconic British River. Existing outside the concept of temporality, transported characters, scenarios and locations act as a vibrant and compelling reminder of the crucial influence the river forever had on the cities’ thriving development.” – The Independent Photographer Editors

© Lynzy Billing

Current Theme:
VISUAL STORYTELLING Deadline: 30 June 2019

The art of visual storytelling encompasses a wide range of possibilities with at its heart, the will to tell a story.

From classic social documentary to imaginative storytelling: this month we are seeking visual artists aiming to captivate and share their stories with conviction.

Portrait, street, documentary, landscape: All approaches are valid. Enter now and show us YOUR stories!

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