STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Awards September 2018

  • Winning Photographer Orna Naor

    Winning Photographer Orna Naor

    Title: "Philippines, 2018" © Orna Naor
  • Second Prize Streetmax 21

    Second Prize Streetmax 21

    Title: "Bread160216" - London, UK © Streetmax 21
  • Third Prize Jian Wang

    Third Prize Jian Wang

    Title: "Shave" - China
    "In a small city of Southern China, operates the traditional street stalls. For 10 yuan, one can get a full facial service: haircut, shaving, cleaning of the ears, etc. Most of these stall owners are old men and so are the customers. It this scene I sat aside for a moment and had a chat with the elders and I took this photo after we all felt relaxed." © Jian Wang
  • Finalist Wenpeng Lu

    Finalist Wenpeng Lu

    Title: "Basketball" - Paris, France © Wenpeng Lu
  • Finalist Michael Rababy

    Finalist Michael Rababy

    Title: "Firenze puddle #16". © Michael Rababy
  • Finalist Steve Reeves

    Finalist Steve Reeves

    Title: "Horse of the road" © Steve Reeves
  • Finalist Torsak Panjasuparak

    Finalist Torsak Panjasuparak

    Title: "Dark Knights" © Torsak Panjasuparak
  • Finalist Luís Godinho

    Finalist Luís Godinho

    Title: "Football" - São Tomé and Príncipe © Luís Godinho
  • Finalist Jorgen Johanson

    Finalist Jorgen Johanson

    Title: "Taking rest" - Outside a shop in Agadez, Niger © Jorgen Johanson
  • Finalist Raffaele De Vivo

    Finalist Raffaele De Vivo

    Title: "Yellow truck" - Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn 2017 © Raffaele De Vivo


1ST PRIZE: Orna Naor

“This is a perfect street photograph in the sense that it makes you feel that you are on the street watching something powerful happening; a mother holding her baby in such way that shows she’s fully protecting her child. The picture is very well composed with complimentary greens and reds, the woman’s body is perfectly lit from top to bottom and the shadows are what completes the story. Appearing almost threatened, she seems lost in a hostile environment. Attention to the emotion at hand is what elevates the image beyond your average beautiful picture and creates a connection with the viewer.” – REZA

2ND PRIZE: Streetmax 21

“An instant reminder of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment”, this photograph is executed like a perfectly timed theater play with each person perfectly placed in their own position within the frame. These individuals do not observe their environment, but are somehow connected nonetheless, their alignment proving the disconnectedness of modern life and the alienation felt within urban environments.” – REZA

3RD PRIZE: Jian Wang

“More than just an excellent street scene, the entire composition, mood and impeccable timing of this portrait of a man receiving a shave on the streets of China is fantastic. The framing right above the arm leading us up to the black vintage straight razor, the precise and firm position of the barber’s hands forcing the customers skin into wrinkles; A face turned into an abstract figure, eyes hidden away in a seemingly desolated urban space – All in classic and powerful black and white contrast. Timeless, truly.” – The Independent Photographer Editors

Trinidad Color Street Photography
© Carlos Antonorsi

Current Theme:
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Deadline: 31 March 2020

“No one moment is most important.
Any moment can be something.”
- Garry Winogrand

Street photography has been one of the most exciting and influential forms of photography since its creation.

Whether the subject is your own city or as you explore other territories and cultures: this month we want to discover the streets through YOUR lens!

1st Prize: $1000 · 2nd Prize: $600 · 3rd Prize: $400

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