People Award November 2016


Jury's Feedback

  • © Mattia Passarini

    Judge: Mattia Passarini

    Mattia Passarini is an Italian travel and documentary photographer who specializes in photographing the most remote indigenous tribes in the world. He has worked and traveled in countries such has Pakistan, China, India, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Indonesia and many more.

    He has been exhibited at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and has received numerous awards including the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the year Contest 2016. In a globalized world, Mattia has a passion for visiting destinations that haven’t been affected by the outside world. The life of people that only a few have had the chance to discover and witness.

    Through his lens he captures the incredible variety of the human race. Images that will make you feel like you are right there with him.

Omar Al-Jiwari
© Omar Al-Jiwari

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color street photo of woman in bus by Toni Hofmann
© Toni Hofmann
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