BLACK & WHITE Awards November 2018

  • Winning Photographer Avarino Caracò

    Winning Photographer Avarino Caracò

    Title: "Youth"
    Portrait of Loveth, a young Nigerian migrant living in Sicily. © Avarino Caracò
  • Second Prize Gil Bartz

    Second Prize Gil Bartz

    Title: "At the Black Sea" - Yalta, Ukraine © Gil Bartz
  • Third Prize Caff Adeus

    Third Prize Caff Adeus

    Title: "There's A Universe Inside Of You" © Caff Adeus
  • Finalist Christy Flaherty

    Finalist Christy Flaherty

    Title: "Nina"
    Nina floating in dried lavender, rose, and calendula. © Christy Flaherty
  • Finalist Luciano Cagliardi

    Finalist Luciano Cagliardi

    Title: "Stepping strong"
    A man gets in a pool.
City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018 © Luciano Cagliardi
  • Finalist Rajat Swami

    Finalist Rajat Swami

    Title: Shutterbug
    A man taking pictures of Pigeons at the famous Jama Mosque, Delhi, India. © Rajat Swami
  • Finalist Klaus Lenzen

    Finalist Klaus Lenzen

    From series "Pole vault
    Pole vault is a minimalist visual study focused on polt vaulting athletes © Klaus Lenzen
  • Finalist Johanna Berghorn

    Finalist Johanna Berghorn

    Title: "53 years on earth" © Johanna Berghorn
  • Finalist Florian Gruet

    Finalist Florian Gruet

    Title: "Dark"
    © Florian Gruet
  • Finalist Alex Franco

    Finalist Alex Franco

    Title: "Lukas" © Alex Franco


1ST PRIZE: Avarino Caracò

“Very strong portrait, with lots of dynamic and great composition. The lower angle of the camera gives the boy a heroic, confident look which compliments the story about him trying to be a musician. Great choice to have him not look at the viewer. The photographer did a great job combining all these technical elements with the story. Absolute winner.” – Bastiaan Woudt

2ND PRIZE: Gil Bartz

“Great composition! – I love the way the lines pull you into the image, towards the man on the end of the dock. I’m really curious about what the subject sees in the water, it gives this image an unanswered question.” – Bastiaan Woudt

3RD PRIZE: Caff Adeus

“Like an abstract sculpture bathed in soft light, the body presented in this image gives us the same feeling of curiosity one feels when entering a museum. Blurring the lines between fine art, portraiture and fashion photography it is also unclear what this form represents, perhaps conveying a message of suffering or pain, but likewise hinting towards redemption and afterlife. Ultimately the conceptual composition reminds us that the body is a complex vehicle for all kinds of emotions and messages, narrated succinctly through the masterful use of a limited monochrome palette.” – The Independent Photographer Editors

© Matthieu Paley

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Travel Deadline: 31 August 2020

When traveling, the only way to discover the rhythm of life of a place is to experience it.

Each place we visit has its own particular look, ambiance, and atmosphere. Understanding its people, customs and traditions is vital and there’s always something unique to capture.

This summer we want to see images that communicate the life of a place in all its splendor and trigger our memories. Whatever the subject may be: street, portrait, landscape, documentary... We want to share your journey, visually and intellectually - Let’s travel together!

1st Prize: $1000 · 2nd Prize: $600 · 3rd Prize: $400

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