Open Call Award August 2018

  • Black and white film portrait photograph of a man in the street by Alexander Klang

    Winning Photographer Alexander Klang

    Winning Photographer Alexander Klang

    Title: Dale, 2017 © Alexander Klang
  • Second Prize Clay Jordan

    Second Prize Clay Jordan

    Untitled - From series "Nothing's coming soon" © Clay Jordan
  • Third Prize Mustafa AbdulHadi

    Third Prize Mustafa AbdulHadi

    Title: "Lijiang Impressions show" - Lijiang City, Yunnan, China
    "Impression Lijiang" is a magnificent outdoor singing and dancing performance demonstrating the tradition and lifestyle of the local ethnic people and a creation of renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Featuring more than 500 local people from ten ethnic groups, the show takes place at 3,100 meters (10,100 feet) above sea level with Jade Snow Mountain as the breathtaking backdrop. © Mustafa AbdulHadi
  • film medium format color photogrpah of a cityscape at night by Kyle Kim

    Finalist Kyle Kim

    Finalist Kyle Kim

    Title: "The Foggy Night", Untitled #1
    The Foggy Night is a film-based series of fine art color landscape photographs that focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. © Kyle Kim
  • Finalist Gil Bartz

    Finalist Gil Bartz

    Title: "Hadid-Blob" - Baku, Azerbaijan © Gil Bartz
  • Finalist Antonia Stoyanovich

    Finalist Antonia Stoyanovich

    Title: "Her Own Rodeo"
    From series: "American West: Myth & Fragments" © Antonia Stoyanovich
  • People & Photography

    Finalist Shafayet Hossain Apollo

    Finalist Shafayet Hossain Apollo

    Title: "Religious Fasting Festival Rakher Upobash" - Bangladesh
    Thousand of Hindu devotee’s sit on the floor to worship with lights (Prodip) and pray to Gods in front of Shri Shri Lokanath Brahmachar Ashram and temple during their fasting program called Kartik Brati or Rakher Upobash. Lokenath Brahmachari who is called Baba Lokenath or simply Lokenath was an 18th Century Hindu saint and philosopher in Bengal. © Shafayet Hossain Apollo
  • Finalist Hieronymus Ahrens

    Finalist Hieronymus Ahrens

    From series "City for the blind"
    "On the outskirts of the Latvian capital, Riga, exists a "City for the Blind". A community of about two hundred blind and visually impaired people. Although the community offers shelter, the inhabitants seem isolated from the neighbouring urban environment." © Hieronymus Ahrens
  • Finalist Anirban Ganguly

    Finalist Anirban Ganguly

    Title: "Remembrance"
    On the occasion of the centenary celebration of the October Socialist Revolution, communist party supporters are demonstrating and holding their political leaders portraits. © Anirban Ganguly
  • Finalist Matthew Portch

    Finalist Matthew Portch

    Title: Ford Drive In, Michigan
    Part of an ongoing series themed 'Lost America' ; examining a quiet stillness in a forgotten landscape that is, in a sense: ‘on-pause’. © Matthew Portch


Jury's Feedback

  • © Ostkreuz

    Judge: Ostkreuz Photo-Agency

    Based in Berlin, Ostkreuz Photo-Agency is the most successful photographer-run agency in Germany and a photographic institution for over 25 years.

    Ostkreuz Photos now represents 22 internationally acclaimed photographers – All sharing the idea of a common author photography that wants more than just beautiful pictures.

    Renowned for the quality of its photography, Ostkreuz’s voice and cultural position has been published in world leading magazines such as National Geographic, Le Monde, GEO, or Time Magazine. Christian Pankratz is the agency’s Chief Editor and head of picture desk.

Azim Khan Ronnie
© Azim Khan Ronnie

Call for entries

color portrait photo of hindu man and his monkey by Somraj Sahu
© Somraj Sahu
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