PEOPLE Awards October 2018

  • Winning Photographer Biljana Jurukovski

    Winning Photographer Biljana Jurukovski

    Title: "Call of the Wild"
    "Call of the wild" is a series of intimate portraits from the Suri tribe that resides along the border between Ethiopia and South Sudan. What makes Suri one of the most iconic tribes is their unique imagination and artistic skills when it comes to beautification and being fashionable in their own way.
    They use their bodies as the canvases, painting unique arts on their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them, such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns. Their art is endlessly inventive, magical and natural. The portraits were intentionally taken against black background so the focus of the viewer will be on the beauty and artistic skills of the people. © Biljana Jurukovski
  • Second Prize Noor-Ahmed Gelal

    Second Prize Noor-Ahmed Gelal

    Title: Jumping over trains"
    People are rushing to find a free sit in trains after the end of Biswa Iztema - the second largest Muslim gathering in Bangladesh. © Noor-Ahmed Gelal
  • Third Prize Jean-Michel Clajot

    Third Prize Jean-Michel Clajot

    Title: "Scarification" Natitingou, Benin, 2009
    The ceremony has a process of initiation that is of great social importance and the rites of the ritual have special symbolic meanings. Scarification is used as a form of initiation into adulthood, beauty and a sign of a village, tribe, and clan. © Jean-Michel Clajot
  • Finalist Leafy Yeh

    Finalist Leafy Yeh

    Title: "Awake"
    “Awake" is a photo series that expresses the ambiguous emotions and sensitive inner mental struggles of the young female identity.
    As one of the young female going through a time of transition from adolescence into fully-fledged adulthood, I often questioned and feel confused about my self-identity. All these feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, being lost, and depression have dragged me down to the bottom of inner darkness. I started to imagine what’s the color of feeling hope. With a pastel color tone in my work, I aim to highlight the feminine emotion, struggling through with a grasp of faith. © Leafy Yeh
  • Finalist Jelena Jankovic

    Finalist Jelena Jankovic

    Title: "Selfie Culture" - Concert, Pula, Croatia
    The "Selfie culture" started to determine our existence. Social media has become one of the largest epidemics that affects people's relationships. While we are waiting for the feedbacks and approval of others, we miss the opportunity to live and enjoy the present. © Jelena Jankovic
  • Finalist Teovel Iradon

    Finalist Teovel Iradon

    Title: Burj Khalifa Window Cleaner - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft), The Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the tallest structure and building in the world. © Teovel Iradon
  • Finalist Benjamin Gordon

    Finalist Benjamin Gordon

    Title: "Boy In Barbed Wire" © Benjamin Gordon
  • Finalist Niki Gleoudi

    Finalist Niki Gleoudi

    Title: Family on the beach © Niki Gleoudi
  • Finalist Noor-Ahmed Gelal

    Finalist Noor-Ahmed Gelal

    Title: "An overcrowded train journey"
    Thousands of people are travelling on the roof of an overcrowded train heading for Dewanganj, Jamalpur, from the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh to celebrate the Muslims religious holiday of Eid-al-Fitr with their families. © Noor-Ahmed Gelal
  • Finalist Alexander Newman

    Finalist Alexander Newman

    Title: "Departure" - From the series Melanogenesis © Alexander Newman


1ST PRIZE: Biljana Jurukovski

“I couldn’t get this photograph out of my mind. I would look at it, walk away, and always return to it as something that I found mysterious, beautiful and very original. The photographer applied the idea of an avant-garde approach to the tribal world of the Surma tribe. It is intimate and beyond being something that I wanted to look at repeatedly and remain impressed and even moved, there was something magical about it, something otherworldly that we don’t often see or both to see. I felt I entered a spirit world of ancestors. I also felt it was very respectful in recognizing the beauty of people who are the closest to the earth and true to their traditions and their sense of themselves.” – Maggie Steber

2ND PRIZE: Noor Ahmed Gelal

“I went back and forth between this photographer’s two entries because both were powerful and I felt that they belonged together rather than separately, like the numbers 1 and 2. But I finally chose this image because of the movement and composition and also because I could look at each person individually. There was also a kind of desperation to it, to get onto the train, to find a place for themselves, and it created that kind of energy in looking at it. The frame is really well-used from edge to edge and top to bottom there is something to look at and of course, that man in the background leaping in midair completed the photograph. It was energetic and yet, everyone was frozen.” – Maggie Steber

3RD PRIZE: Jean-Michel Clajot

“The unconventional framing of this excellent portrait helps us read the image from left to right, like a book, while the scars on the subject’s face are etched into his skin like words. With an arresting gaze that rests beyond the frame, we are drawn into the deep and contemplative stare of this man. This image speaks of the marks of experience that define us but suggests an intangible inner voice within us all.” – The Independent Photographer Editors

Travel Photography Winner Sandra Morante
© Sandra Morante

Current Theme:
TRAVEL Deadline: 31 August 2020

When traveling, the only way to discover the rhythm of life of a place is to experience it.

Each place we visit has its own particular look, ambiance, and atmosphere. Understanding its people, customs and traditions is vital and there’s always something unique to capture.

This summer we want to see images that communicate the life of a place in all its splendor and trigger our memories. Whatever the subject may be: street, portrait, landscape, documentary... We want to share your journey, visually and intellectually - Let’s travel together!

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