EMERGING TALENT Awards February 2020

  • Winning Photographer Sameer Al-Doumy

    Winning Photographer Sameer Al-Doumy

    Title: "Another Face of War"- Douma, Syria
    Syrian Umm Mohammed and her husband drink coffee at their destroyed home in the rebel-held town of Douma, on the outskirts of the capital Damascus, on March 23, 2017. Um Mohammed, who is originally from Aleppo, lives with her husband who due to an airstrike injury lost the ability to walk. She farms chicken as a source of food and income.
    © Sameer Al-Doumy
  • Second Prize Sujan Sarkar

    Second Prize Sujan Sarkar

    Title: "Young Dreamers" - West Bengal, India
    © Sujan Sarkar
  • Third Prize Davide Preti

    Third Prize Davide Preti

    Title: "Madonna del parto" - Cameroon
    This portrait is part of a long-term project on the consequences of war. In this case, the civil war in Cameroon that started two years ago. Candice rests on the bench after traveling over a thousand kilometer to give birth in the hospital of Édea. The village is located near Bamenda, in the English-speaking part of the country. Due to the war between the separatists ‘Amba boy’ and the army, the area is under siege, the roads are almost all blocked, there are numerous checkpoints and food and drugs are in short supply. For this reason, she decided to travel for almost two days to reach a safe hospital.
    © Davide Preti
  • Finalist Hanne Van Assche

    Finalist Hanne Van Assche

    Title: "дачный, Lena" - Udachny, Russia
    This portrait is part of a documentary about a diamond mining city in Yakutia, Russia. “Udachny” is the name of the city, which is translated as lucky because the first Russian diamonds were found there. the series is a portrait of “Udachny” and an homage to its proud inhabitants leaving under harsh climatic conditions in the far north of Russia.
    © Hanne Van Assche
  • Finalist Azin Haghighi

    Finalist Azin Haghighi

    Title: "Coal miner" - Abouzar, Iran
    A coal mine worker in the Kalariz mine, Semnan province in Iran, takes out his helmet. He works 4 days a week, and his home is about 150 kilometers away from this mine. The miners dig deep into the mountains, working in dark, narrow passageways, where the risk of toxic gases and cave-ins is permanent: a very stressful and dangerous workplace.
    © Azin Haghighi
  • Finalist Chris Beadle

    Finalist Chris Beadle

    Title: "Pesc-y Pelicans" - New South Wales, Australia
    Captured while watching the daily pelican feed during on visite at ‘The Entrance’ in Australia. The tones and colors within the image complement one another so well. I also like the energy that is created by the tight crop, making you feel like you’re in amongst the action.
    © Chris Beadle
  • Finalist Connor Noll

    Finalist Connor Noll

    Title: “Parker in her bed" - From "Runway project"
    © Connor Noll
  • Finalist Koral Carballo

    Finalist Koral Carballo

    Title: “The mystery of disguise" - Veracruz, Mexico
    Octavio Lopez, an Afro-Mexican artisan disguised as the “negros” of Coyolillo, in Veracruz, Mexico. This tradition refers to the fact that slaves from a hacienda in Veracruz were freed once a year and, on that day, they held a party to celebrate their freedom. Three hundred years later, that celebration has become a carnival that reminds us of the slave trade history in Mexico.
    © Koral Carballo
  • Finalist Thanasorn Janekankit

    Finalist Thanasorn Janekankit

    Title: Untitled - ⁠Thailand⁠
    © Thanasorn Janekankit
  • Finalist Luca Marianaccio

    Finalist Luca Marianaccio

    Title: "404 Not Found⁠"
    The city as the result of a creative act or construction could be the result definitive of a metaphysics where man “Encounters nothing but himself” and, in meeting, he begins to be afraid. “404 Not Found” is a story in pictures interested in scenarios that we perhaps consider negative but that in the future will be normality: in this sense, our blame on the future could be a hypocritical forgetfulness of the present.⁠
    © Luca Marianaccio


1ST PRIZE: Sameer Al-Doumy

“This couple drinking coffee with quiet calm in the aftermath of the violence that destroyed their home says so much to me about resilience in the face of loss. I also appreciate the composition– the wife and husband each framed by a breach in the walls, the shadowed weight of their bodies positioned together in the center of the frame, giving the image a visual stability. In one opening, the world lies in ruins, and through the other it seems intact, fields green with hope. The gray, almost monochromatic tones reinforce the sober tone. There is a power in the intimacy they share, even as they are connected with the uncertain world beyond them.” – Elizabeth Krist

2ND PRIZE: Sujan Sarkar⁣

“The sheer exuberance of youth at play is contagious, intensified by the splashing water and the unrestrained athleticism. The joy of a scene like this is universal, fed by nostalgia for our own childhood or by memories of seeing our children completely caught up in the excitement of a game. The action is artfully framed by the inner tube of the onlooker who has stopped to watch and is given an extra abstract dimension by the reflections on the surface of the water. The photographer, too, is at play.” – Elizabeth Krist

3RD PRIZE: Davide Preti

“The emotions captured in Davide Preti’s portrait of a young pregnant woman resting on a hospital’s bench, exhausted after a perilous journey across a war-torn country in order to protect her baby, are universal and reach to us all deeply. It speaks of resilience, of pain and power. The quiet and careful composition speaks volumes while holding us silent and pensive. One cannot help but think of the holy virgin carrying and protecting life. All of humanity in an image, with photography as a vessel.” – The Independent Photographer Editors

Trinidad Color Street Photography
© Carlos Antonorsi

Current Theme:
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Deadline: 31 March 2020

“No one moment is most important.
Any moment can be something.”
- Garry Winogrand

Street photography has been one of the most exciting and influential forms of photography since its creation.

Whether the subject is your own city or as you explore other territories and cultures: this month we want to discover the streets through YOUR lens!

1st Prize: $1000 · 2nd Prize: $600 · 3rd Prize: $400

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