People Award October 2019

  • Portrait of domestic worker Monica in suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, by Claire Tan

    Winning Photographer Angelika Kollin

    Winning Photographer Angelika Kollin

    “Monika” - Cape Town, South Africa
    Portrait of domestic worker Monica in suburb of Cape Town, South Africa © Angelika Kollin
  • Second Prize Tim Franco

    Second Prize Tim Franco

    “Portrait of Goyo", a South Korean Tattoo artist. © Tim Franco
  • People & Photography

    Third Prize Hugo Santarem Rodrigues

    Third Prize Hugo Santarem Rodrigues

    "Nagnabakoro Bibime" - Portrait of an Ethiopian woman from the Mursi tribe.
    From series ‘Interior’ - “In 2016 I took a global ancestry DNA test to discover my origins. From the result I decided to travel to the interior of the countries where my ancestors came from. The Project started in 2015 and brought me to Ethiopia and Kenya and is still in progress. Deep down, the base of the project is to respect differences, and learn to see people the same way as you see yourself.” © Hugo Santarem Rodrigues
  • Finalist Alexander Niklass

    Finalist Alexander Niklass

    “Annual Wakhi migration” - Afghanistan
    From the series “Wild Wild Wakhan” 2018 © Alexander Niklass
  • Finalist William Chambers

    Finalist William Chambers

    “Sophia” © William Chambers
  • Finalist Elisha Donkin

    Finalist Elisha Donkin

    “Priest in Lalibela”
    Portrait of a priest inside a rock-hewn church in Lalibela, Ethiopia © Elisha Donkin
  • Finalist Joshua Sneade

    Finalist Joshua Sneade

    “Nomads #3”
    From an upcoming series documenting Nomads in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
    © Joshua Sneade
  • Finalist Anoush Abrar

    Finalist Anoush Abrar

    "Eritrean Woman"
    From the series “Eritrean Queens” © Anoush Abrar
  • Finalist Mauro De Bettio

    Finalist Mauro De Bettio

    “Chasing Spirits” - Comanesti, Romania
    The Bear festival is an annual tradition taking place every winter when New Year is approaching, Men and women of all ages dress in bear skins and dance to the rhythm of flutes and percussion to drive away evil spirits and welcome the New Year. The show is called “Ursul, The Bear Dance Festival”, and is a ritual that symbolizes the death and rebirth of time. A tradition, preserved since ancient times that is still kept alive today. © Mauro De Bettio
  • Finalist Fatima Mian

    Finalist Fatima Mian

    “Staff Room” - Pakistan
    From “Pakistan” a collection of travel images including, landscape of Hunza, the Himalayan and portraits of the population. © Fatima Mian


Jury's Feedback

  • ©

    Judge: Magdalena Herrera

    Born in Havana to a family of artists, Magdalena Herrera studied fine art and art history at the Sorbonne in Paris before starting her career as a photographer and art director.

    She has worked in books, print and magazines, spending ten years as Art Director and head of the photo department at National Geographic before joining Geo France as Director of Photography.

    Parallel to her journalistic work, Magdalena Herrera also runs worldwide workshops and seminars organized by the World Press Photo Foundation including the Joop Swart Masterclass and she was the chair of the 2018 World Press Photo contest.⁠⁠

    Her experience and her eye for photography mean that she is regularly solicited as a jury member at international photography competitions.

Didier Vanderperre
© Didier Vanderperre

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color travel photo of woman by the river in Varanasi, India by Tess Rice
© Tess Rice
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