Emerging Talent Award March 2019

  • Winning Photographer Stéphane de Rouville

    Winning Photographer Stéphane de Rouville

    'The cooker' - Soatanana, Madagascar.
    It is in the heart of Isandra, a hilly region situated in the Highlands of Madagascar that, the "Fifohazana" community, a religious movement originating from the Protestant Revivalî, and ancestor of revivalism in Africa, was born and has been established for more than a century. In the picturesque village of Soatanana, its historic stronghold, some 5,000 followers (including more than 200 exorcist priests), dressed in white, seem to live in perfect harmony, satisfying with little, working the earth, praying, singing, and following the teachings of Christ literally. Some speak of a sect, of illuminated, others speak of sweet dreamers. They have but one aim, to bring peace on earth.

    This picture shows one of the cooker of the community in charge of welcoming the visitors. Here, she is serving ìranomapangoî, the rice cooking water (a very traditional drink in all Madagascar).
    © Stéphane de Rouville
  • Second Prize Jeff Davenport

    Second Prize Jeff Davenport

    Mercedes, Guerneville, CA, 2018 - From the 'NIGHT' series.
    'Nights' is a collection of street photographs shot over the last four years during late night walks through the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and beyond. These photographs explore the sublime in the nondescript corners of the everyday. © Jeff Davenport
  • Third Prize Conrad Golovac

    Third Prize Conrad Golovac

    'The Land, the Sea, and Man In-Between'
    A fishery sits dwarfed by the massive mountains surrounding it as a heavy fog blows through on the island of Kunoy in the Faroe Islands. © Conrad Golovac
  • Finalist David Ansah

    Finalist David Ansah

    'Brother's keeper' - From the 'Human connection series'
    Human connection is part of the things humans need to be selfless.
    © David Ansah
  • Finalist Daniel Heilig

    Finalist Daniel Heilig

    Minimal housing complex on Mallorca, Spain
    Housing complex in Ses Illetes, Mallorca - Spain 2018
    © Daniel Heilig
  • Finalist Isabel Feldhaus

    Finalist Isabel Feldhaus


    © Isabel Feldhaus
  • Finalist Pepe Hanze

    Finalist Pepe Hanze

    'Music shadow'

    © Pepe Hanze
  • Finalist Gil Bartz

    Finalist Gil Bartz

    'We Won't Die Sleeping'
    A mongolian family on Lake Khovsgol, Northern Mongolia, 2019
    © Gil Bartz
  • Finalist Paulina Kochman

    Finalist Paulina Kochman

    'Closed up'

    © Paulina Kochman
  • Finalist Hamed Badami

    Finalist Hamed Badami

    'The bikers'
    Village youth hanging out on their motorbikes beside the hill. Hamedan, Iran 2017
    © Hamed Badami


Jury's Feedback

  • © Jérôme Sessini

    Judge: Jérôme Sessini

    Evolving within an uncertain balance of cynical realism and upset, French photographer Jérôme Sessini has covered most of the international current events.

    Member of Magnum Photos since 2012 and a Canon Ambassador, his work has received international acknowledgment and it has been published by prestigious newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek, Stern, Paris-Match, Vogue Italia, Le Monde and the Wall Street Journal.

    In 2015 two series of photographs taken in Ukraine won him first and second prize in the Spot News Stories category of the World Press Photo Contest.

Alexander Sharr
© Alexander Sharr
© Dimpy Bhalotia

Current Theme:
Street Photography Deadline: 31 May 2022

“It’s not the streets, it’s where the streets lead you that’s important.” – Bruce Davidson

This month we are celebrating street photography of all styles, and are on the hunt for your most compelling examples!⁠ – Candid depictions of quotidian life; prismatic hues amongst the grey of the city; subtle moments of joy, humor, or love: we want to see YOUR streets!⁠

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