PORTRAIT Awards May 2017


“Eyes are often said to be ‘the windows of the soul’ as they have the ability to send many different non-verbal signals, no matter the situation or the subject.

The multitude of languages and feelings spoken through the eyes of the people featured above represent the very best of today’s portraiture in all it’s diversity. From elaborate studio setup to raw capture of daily life: Each of these talented photographers demonstrate exceptional skills while capturing emotions and it’s our pleasure to share their work. Congratulations to all!

As master photographer Richard Avedon said:“The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion.” – The Independent Photographer Editors

– The Theme: Portrait Photography

Portrait photography has one of the oldest and most interesting history that resonates to the early days of the medium. Portrait of iconic figures or portrait of ordinary people, we’re all deeply interested in each other. This award aimed to discover the most powerful and captivating images of today’s portrait photography. We were open to all interpretation and wanted to see Portraits that gaze right into the soul!

– The Judge: Ken Hermann

Over years of professional experience Ken Hermann has photographed people all around the world, from the wrestlers of Inner Mongolia, the flower men of Kolkata to the street performers of downtown Los Angeles and the tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.

Passionate about individuals and their unique histories, Ken’s work aims to explore the fragile balance existing between people and their environment. Ken has been published in numerous magazines and his experience has lead him to win the prestigious Hasselblad Master Award in 2012.

Black & White Photography by Riccardo Comi
© Riccardo Comi

Current Theme:
BLACK & WHITE Deadline: 30 November 2019

Regardless of genres, the black & white legacy left by the great masters of photography still inspires and encourages both amateur and professional photographers to work in black & white.

Be it in street, fashion, portrait, landscape, documentary or any other form of photography that celebrates the beauty and wealth of black & white photography: We want to be moved and inspired.

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1st Prize: $1000 · 2nd Prize: $600 · 3rd Prize: $400

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