Open Call Award October 2023

  • color landscape photo of man on horse by Mahendra Bakle. From the article, Best image 2023

    Winning Photographer Mahendra Bakle

    Winning Photographer Mahendra Bakle

    "Riders of the Volcano" - Mount Bromo, Indonesia
    The Tenggerese people, known as “The Horsemen of Bromo” in Indonesia, embody a captivating cultural legacy in the stunning landscape surrounding Mount Bromo. Their vibrant customs and role as horseback guides create an immersive experience for visitors exploring the volcanic terrains. These horsemen, with their traditional attire and deep-rooted rituals, offer travelers not just a ride but an encounter with the rich heritage of the region. © Mahendra Bakle
  • Second Prize Mauro De Bettio

    Second Prize Mauro De Bettio

    "Makoko" - Lagos, Nigeria
    Makoko, renowned as the world’s largest floating slum, harbors a community of over 300 thousand people. This settlement grapples with challenges such as the dire absence of fundamental infrastructure and essential services, such as electricity, potable water, and sanitation facilities. Nestled amidst Lagos, the largest and most rapidly expanding economic hub in Africa, Makoko’s stilt houses perch atop the waters, which paradoxically double as the sewage system for the sprawling 20 million inhabitants of this vibrant metropolis. © Mauro De Bettio
  • Third Prize François Mille

    Third Prize François Mille

    "Love me tender" - Iceland
    Fidelity in a puffin couple is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It is widely believed that puffins mate for life although they do not begin the mating process until age five. It is this unconditional love that I wanted to transcribe with this photo. © François Mille
  • Finalist Pavel Kun

    Finalist Pavel Kun

    "Shahina" - Surgut, Russia
    Creative studio portrait work taken during working on the upcoming “Eat It” series. © Pavel Kun
  • Finalist Mili Lacmanovic

    Finalist Mili Lacmanovic

    "Chaos Unleashed: Mara’s Untamed Symphony" - Tanzania
    In the untamed savanna, a grand migration of wildebeests and zebras surges forward, echoing life’s primal rhythm. As they reach the Mara River, urgency intensifies, hooves pounding like a panicked heartbeat, a tempest of survival’s call. A dusty trail mirrors a chaotic dance, nature’s tumultuous symphony in motion. Together, they brave treacherous waters, a crocodile’s realm. Some, driven by instinct, leap off cliffs into the crowd’s embrace. Hundreds unite in this perilous passage, a testament to the wild’s indomitable spirit, each hoofbeat in the eternal ballet of life’s relentless pursuit. © Mili Lacmanovic
  • Finalist Luciano Lejtman

    Finalist Luciano Lejtman

    "Huli Wigmen" - Tari, Papua New Guinea
    The Huli Wigmen are a proud tribe from the Huli territory in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Huli are proud people who believe they descended from one man called Huli, who was a masterful farmer and gave them the rich fertile land they enjoy today in the Huli Territory. © Luciano Lejtman
  • Finalist F.dilek Yurdakul

    Finalist F.dilek Yurdakul

    "Working in Brick Klins" - Pakistan
    Brick kilns in Southeast Asia are notable for causing environmental pollution, violating children’s rights, and working conditions that violate the most basic of human rights. Soot and harmful gases from the factory chimneys fill the air. Without respiratory masks, the polluted air finds its way straight to the lungs. Upon reaching the factory, I was told that the workers worked in two shifts, 7AM to 1PM and 1PM to 7PM because my presence was expected only for a couple of hours. However, in the two days I spent there, I personally witnessed that the workers worked a single 12-hour shift in extreme conditions. These enterprises not only cause terrible damage to the environment but also have terrible and unlawful working conditions and must be urgently inspected and controlled. This system of economic slavery and plunder of the environment must end. © F.dilek Yurdakul
  • Finalist Sam Wright

    Finalist Sam Wright

    "Sisters - Pillar to Post"
    As a generational shift pulls this unique culture in different directions, government policy is giving that pull a push, limiting the ease of and right to the nomadic lifestyle of traditional Travellers and Roma Gypsies. Travelling to fairs across the UK and Ireland to meet Travellers and Gypsys of all ages first-hand, I capture a true portrait of these people - their histories, their futures - as they face a defining time. © Sam Wright
  • Finalist Joaquin Barata

    Finalist Joaquin Barata

    "Wagenia fishermen" - Democratic Republic of Congo, 2023
    Wagenia people are indigenous fishermen that practice a 200 years old fishing methods. They build wooden structure in the rapids of the Congo river and place trap baskets to capture fish. © Joaquin Barata
  • Color photo of an acrobatic horse rider with mountains in the backdrop in Tibet

    Finalist Anna Rita Carrisi

    Finalist Anna Rita Carrisi

    "Acrobatics at the horse festival" - Litang Sischuan China (Western Tibet)
    The Litang Festival is an event in which riders perform acrobatics on their horses, overcoming a series of challenges. The event is not held every year as the Chinese Government prohibits or limits the number of gathering from the communities. © Anna Rita Carrisi


Jury's Feedback

  • color portrait of Maggie Steber
    © Maggie Steber

    Judge: Maggie Steber

    One of the most important visual storytellers of our time, American photographer Maggie Steber has spent her illustrious career traveling the globe exploring a wide range of humanitarian, cultural, and social issues. Previous subjects include the history of the American slave trade, the everyday lives of Native Americans, and the complexities of life in Haiti, a country she has photographed for more than three decades.

    Over the years she has earned a host of prestigious awards and honors, including the Leica Medal of Excellence, the Alicia Patterson, Ernst Haas Grants, and the World Press Foundation Award.

    Steber works for National Geographic, which named her a Woman of Vision in 2015, and she is also part of the renowned VII Photo Agency. Her images have graced the pages of numerous international publications, including Lifethe New YorkerSmithsonianThe GuardianTime, and Geo Magazine.

Giacomo Carlini
© Giacomo Carlini

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