Landscape Award April 2018

  • Winning Photographer Klaus Lenzen

    Winning Photographer Klaus Lenzen

    Title: "Blue mountains"

    The abstract photograph depicting layers of nuanced earthy matter was taken in a coal mining area in the western part of Germany. © Klaus Lenzen
  • Second Prize Sean Du

    Second Prize Sean Du

    Tangle Ridge, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

    "Hiking above the tree line, into the alpine environment of tundra, snow, ice and rock, is how I get to know the mountains. The mountains as nature's greatest sculptures their testimonies of its power are all the more evident the higher one goes.

    Here the making of the mountains becomes perceivable through the tilt and fold of the rocks and the remanence of valley-carving glaciers, while jewel-like tarns, varying colors of tundra, patches or blankets of snow decorate the work of art. The result of years of picture making in various parts of the U.S. and Canada, "Above the Tree line" is a personal perspective in which the series reveals the normally unseen beauty and character of the mountains." © Sean Du
  • Third Prize Steven Manolakis

    Third Prize Steven Manolakis

    Title: "The Shimmer"

    Aerial view of Francis Peron National Park, Western Australia. Taken from a Cessna 206 airplane. © Steven Manolakis
  • Finalist Alessio Lucarini

    Finalist Alessio Lucarini

    "Desert Playground" - Ouarzazate, Morocco, 2018 © Alessio Lucarini
  • Finalist Arito Nishiki

    Finalist Arito Nishiki

    Title: "Namikake"

    The southern coastline of Niigata touches the northern part of the Sea of Japan. In that region, several villages had sunk into the sea as a result of coastal erosion—a process called “Namikake” in local dialect.

    "On this coast, in the darkness of night, it takes a long time to adjust my vision. Once my eyes get used to the dark, images of a big rock, trees, a lighthouse, snow and the sea jump into my vision. The images have always been there in the darkness, but they suddenly appeared to me." © Arito Nishiki
  • Finalist Yago Ruiz

    Finalist Yago Ruiz

    Title: "Erg Chebbi Desert II" - From the series "Erg Chebbi, the tear desert". © Yago Ruiz
  • Landscape photography by Chloe M. George

    Finalist Chloe M. George

    Finalist Chloe M. George

    Title: "Between void and ice" © Chloe M. George
  • Finalist Christopher-Paul Takeda

    Finalist Christopher-Paul Takeda

    Title: "The Sound of Silence 3/3" © Christopher-Paul Takeda
  • Finalist Stephanie Jung

    Finalist Stephanie Jung

    Title: "Maigo desu II" - Abstract multiple exposure of Tokyo, 2010- From the series "Maigo desu"

    “The thoughts behind my work is about the movement in life, time and transience, which everyone is confronted with, but can’t be seen with our eyes." © Stephanie Jung
  • Finalist Emmanuel Monzon

    Finalist Emmanuel Monzon

    Title: "Urban Sprawl Emptiness"

    "My pictures try to extract a form of aestheticism from the mundane urban landscape. Where most people only pass through, I stop and look for some form of poetic beauty. I like repetition and seriality. I also like driving around."

    "Through my “Urban Sprawl” series, I want to photograph the in-between state found so frequently in the vast American landscape. I capture places of transition, borders, passages from one world to another. Am I leaving a city or entering a new environment?" © Emmanuel Monzon


Jury's Feedback

  • © Luca Tombolini

    Judge: Luca Tombolini

    Capturing flawless natural scenes through a slow and meditative process, photographer Luca Tombolini uses landscapes as a synecdoche to question Time, Space, Universe and our relation to them.

    Using large format cameras, Luca has traveled to several deserts of the world over the years and explored them as the place most likely to provide clues about the origin of life, in an attempt to seize the majesty and spirituality of primordiale landscapes.

    A member of The Independent Photographer’s community, Luca’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured widely in online and Print magazines such as Der Greif, Another Place, It’s Nice that, Collateral, Aye mag and CondéNast Traveller.

    Together we are looking for photographers capturing the most stunning images of our planet.

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F. Dilek Uyar
© F. Dilek Uyar

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black and white portrait photo of a woman with freckles by Rafal Lapszanski
© Rafal Lapszanski
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